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Cistermiser Launches Innovative Temperature
Monitoring System LinkThru
ntelligent washroom controls and
temperature-monitoring platform that
is set to change the way hospitals
and healthcare facilities manage
infection control.
Approved Code of Practice and
Guidance L8 (fourth edition), published
by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE)
in 2013 with technical guidance
published separately in HSG274, states
employers, those in charge of premises
and those with health and safety
responsibilities for others, have a
responsibility to manage and prevent the
onset of Legionnnaires’ disease from
potential legionella contamination of a
building’s water systems.
The report seeks to combat legionella in
a practical manner, laying out a set of
guidelines for those in a position of
responsibility to follow. Now Cistermiser
has introduced a device to take this a
step further.
Using a specialist PropTech solution
from Spica Technologies, LinkThru
automatically checks the water
temperature and flow activity in pipework
systems every ten seconds, transmitting
the results into a secure cloud
application. Users can quickly access
the information from anywhere via a
device such as a computer, tablet or
smartphone and take corrective action
if needed.
This invaluable ‘real-time’ data replaces
the need for a labour-intensive
monitoring system where estates
personnel are required to take frequent
manual temperature checks around a
building’s system. Getting this vital data
quickly and efficiently is a significant
time-saving over manual systems.
The information gathered is then used
to alert users to high-risk water
temperatures, which can be a critical
indicator for the potential for growth of
water-borne bacterium such as
legionellosis (legionella). The solution
also provides a holistic overall view of
the water system, highlighting such
issues as scalding risk, low-usage
outlets, calorifier efficiency issues, etc.
Cistermiser Technical Director David
Meacock says: “This is not just tech for
tech’s sake. By eliminating the need for
manual checks, this solution will improve
risk mitigation, reduce costs and deliver
a stronger business outcome overall.”
The system is already in production and
running in many estates already,
including several Healthcare sites, other
public sector premises and commercial
facilities. Developed through extensive
collaboration with Spica Technologies
and the involvement of key maintenance
and engineering personnel, the platform
delivers against the key regulatory and
legal frameworks for managing potential
water contamination in building systems.
LinkThru comprises three elements: a
Temperature Monitoring Unit (TMU),
which is connected to the pipework and
transmits the data; a wireless network
that sends data to the cloud; and the
data and analytics accessed through the
portal, powered by Spica Devicepoint®.
This innovation comes just as
Cistermiser enters a new era under the
strapline ‘Our World Is Water’. The full
re-branding, including a new corporate
website and an overhaul of all marketing
collateral, reflects the overall objective
of the company to preserve, sustain and
manage the world’s most precious
resource through new ‘information-rich’
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