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For continuation, the innovative and
unique PODs located on the 36th and
37th floor were decorated using the
same flooring systems as the lobby in
the same colour variations.
The seamlessness of Flowshield SL
1000 makes the floor much easier to
clean as dirt cannot hide in joints, whilst
its abrasion resistance maintains the
floors aesthetic in the face of the footfall, scuffs and scrapes that can be
expected in busy lobby and communal
Deckshield UV Linemarker was utilised
to generate a free form geometry design that reflected the shapes used in
the architecture of the lobby walls. As
well as creating a modern visual, these
crisp white lines cleanly separated the
contrasting hot pink and grey hues.
For the stairways, 14 m2 of the solventbased polyurethane floor sealer with a
satin finish, Flowseal UV Satin was
used, providing abrasion resistance as
well as being easy to clean and maintain.
The floor’s colour would also be protected against prolonged exposure to sunlight and UV-rays, thanks to the UV
stable properties of both Flowseal UV
and Deckshield UV Linemarker. With
glass windows being a large part of the For
architecture of the building, this was contact 01270 753000 or visit us on the
incredibly important in both the lobby web at
and the PODs.
Reader Reply: 217021
The flooring project was completed
within only 15 days and the complex
was able to welcome residents and
guests to explore the newly decorated
spaces right on schedule.


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