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BEC - Good, Clean Fun!
enterprise, CLARITY-The Soap
Co. is happy to announce the
launch of its sister brand, BEC putting meaningful change for
disabled and disadvantaged people
firmly into the supply chain of
organisations seeking to save water
and do good.
BEC is a Better Considered
movement. Making things better:
- For the visually impaired,
disabled or disadvantaged
people who make it
For the people who use it,
because it’s vegan, readily
biodegradable, hypo-allergenic
and never tested on animals
The water saving eco-foaming hand
wash, with a list price of £21.75 ex VAT
For the environment, because is available Fragrance Free and in two
one 5L container provides 6250 planet
doses - 2.5x more than liquid fragrances: Honey Blossom and Wild
hand soap and can save up to Berries.
Camilla Marcus-Dew, co-founder of The
1760L of water
Soap Co. said: “BEC is a bold new
In answer to the rising demand for
brands with authentic purpose, BEC
appeals to the sense of optimism in us
all that we can make positive societal
change. With 25% of a company’s
market value attributed to its reputation,
and the critical importance of attracting
millennial talent into their organisations,
and specifically supply chain roles;
BEC’s launch could not have come at
a better time.
BEC is available in 5L containers with
branded 400ml and 900ml dispensers.
launch that will attract businesses who
value transparency, sustainability and
great design. We have left no stone
unturned in setting a whole new standard
in environmental credentials, and every
5L container of BEC sold creates one
hour of employment for someone who has
a disability or a long-term health
condition. Switching the soap in your
office bathrooms could be more powerful
than you ever thought.”
The BEC foaming hand wash, made
with 100% eco certified ingredients, is
vegan, organic, readily biodegradable,
hypo-allergenic, gluten and GMO free.
Free from sulphates such as SLS and
environmentally friendly.
Specifically, compared to standard liquid
hand wash, foaming technology reduces
the amount of water used by at least
10%, saving 1760L per 5L container.
With 6250 doses per 5L container, it
lasts twice as long as liquid soap and
reduces overall consumption of plastic
Originally developed in co-operation with
the Cabinet Office, the range reinforces
the magnitude of BEC’s societal
intention. Peter Holbrook CBE, Chief
Executive of Social Enterprise UK said:
“This is a fantastic example of what’s
possible when the public, private and
social enterprise sectors collaborate to
bring a commercial solution to the


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