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Kings of Witcham Installs Innovative Emergency
Lighting System
ings of Witcham has installed
the new Miresa Automatic
Wireless Emergency Light
Test System to eliminate the need
to manually test every emergency
light, every month, and record the
results in a logbook.
In the UK every public or commercial
building has to have emergency
escape lighting and it has to be tested
monthly by law. This is almost always
a manual process because costeffective automatic systems have only
very recently come on to the market.
Manual testing is laborious and prone
to short-cutting, like only testing a light
for a few minutes rather than the three
hours necessary to make the building
safe, or simply not carrying out the
tests at all.
Kings of Witcham, based near Ely in
Cambridgeshire, is an independent
Volvo specialist garage. When new
owner Paul Atkins took over there
were a few areas that had the potential
for improvement however safety of
customers and employees had to
come first. The existing emergency
lighting was tired and record keeping
for legal compliance was really not up
to scratch. Paul didn’t want to waste
time and money on safety related
tasks that could be automated. Not
only would automation improve
efficiency it would ensure important
checks were carried out thoroughly
and regularly.
Traditional self-test emergency lights
test at random times, not ideal in a
working environment, and still require
manual record keeping. Most fully
automated systems needed additional
cabling to every light, expensive and
disruptive. What Kings needed was
something that just dropped in, in
place of existing lights, perhaps
upgrading rather than replacing, with
a control panel to record and display
the results. Remotian Ltd had exactly
what was needed, the Miresa
Automatic Wireless Emergency Light
Test System. New LED lights,
providing better illumination and using
less power, that utilise the existing
building wiring. The only additional
infrastructure necessary for installation
was to provide power to a Wi-Fi control
panel, a simple task for an electrician.
The system was installed in a day.
Paul now only needs check the status
on his iPhone if the control panel red
light is flashing and the sounder going;
exactly what he wanted.
Paul Akins commented “With the Miresa
system installed I always know my
emergency lighting will keep my staff
The Miresa Automatic Wireless
Emergency Light Test System is suitable
for almost every type of building, from a
small shop to student halls of
accommodation. It tests all the
wirelessly, every month in compliance
with EN 62034:2012 and BS 5266 -
1:2011. The results are archived in PDF
format every month and email
notifications of faults are provided. For
Paul Aktins is an entrepreneur with two
garages and experience working in, and
managing, main dealer Jaguar, Land
Rover, Aston Martin, VW and Audi
Remotian Ltd is a company formed in
2015 to use new technology to improve
the safety and efficiency of buildings.
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