QVIS Lighting, now approaching its seventh year as a recognised luminaire manufacturer, continues to grow through
innovation, depth of range and customer loyalty. As well as being a member of the Lighting Industry Association (LIA),
The Manufacturers’ Organisation (MAKE) and Philips EnabLED Licencing Program, QVIS is also an ISO 9001:2015 registered
company. Through its high level of service and support, the QVIS brand installs trust in the competence to design, supply
and service for the life of the project, well beyond its install. A focus on specification and value engineering ensures QVIS
offers lighting solutions across all major sectors with minimal lead time and equal or superior product specifications.
Fully equipped with the latest in LED technology, QVIS is established as an affordable brand that doesn’t compromise on
quality and performance. QVIS is committed to incorporating reputable component manufacturers who guarantee long
life and serviceability on their product lines.
Sustainability is important to QVIS, as it is for our customers. We focus on ensuring energy efficiency across our range of fully
integrated LED luminaires, which have a proven record of high performance and longevity. Suitable across a wide range
of sectors, including but not limited to; commercial, health, industrial, retail and education sector, we offer the flexibility of
interchanging drivers on request. With conventional 1-10V, Switch Dim and DALI options, along with the latest in Bluetooth
and Wireless communication, QVIS offer dimmable solutions for lighting control requirements, assisting in energy saving,
building sustainability performance and in turn, a reduction in carbon footprint.
In order to further enhance its growing reputation and brand recognition within the UK, QVIS has acquired lighting
specialists from some of the biggest manufacturers in Europe and partnered with market leading component and
solution providers. Utilising their wealth of knowledge and expertise in design, supply and implementation, QVIS gain a full
understanding of their customer’s project needs and requirements.
In 2019, ADATA companies; QVIS lighting and OYN-X merged to offer our wholesale partners both lighting and security. It is
not only the synergy of these companies that led to the merge, but also the enhanced customer service and offering that
would ensue. With a range of premium Security and CCTV products now added to the range, the exceptional quality and
reliability that QVIS customers have experienced now extends beyond lighting.
The QVIS customer base and market coverage has grown exponentially and continues on this trajectory, while investment
in an ever expanding product range and sales support will continue to give QVIS Lighting and Security customers
peace of mind.
Phone: +47 40178640
Email: bjorn@qvislighting.com
Phone: +353(0)8726 97494
Email: andy@qvis.ie
Call Us On: +44 (0) 2393 870 050
Phone: +44(0)2393 870050
Email: sales@qvislighting.com
Email: sales@qvislighting.com Visit our website: www.qvisled.com
Information is subject to change without notice.
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