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Our Story
In 1974, the school moved from its former
site (now Mayhill Junior School) to its
current site, with support from the Odiham
Education Foundation. At the same time, it
converted from a secondary modern school
to being fully comprehensive. 670 students
joined the school that year. The school
increased in popularity and a new English
block was built, followed shortly by a maths
There’s been a Robert May’s School of one
kind or another in Odiham since 1694. Our
founder was a local merchant who lived
through a time of extreme constitutional
challenges. Regicide, civil wars, the
restoration of the monarchy and the
Glorious Revolution of 1688 were all key
events that would have shaped his life. He
must have felt that a strong education in
times of turbulence was of crucial
“ his last will and testament gave 600
Pounds for the maintenance of a free
school in this town for the educating of 20
boys, and he gave 200 Pounds for ever the
interest whereof is to put forth to trades
such children as shall be educated in the
said free school.”
Today, visitors to the school will notice
further expansion. Our new Invictus
building, at the front of the school, has been
developed by Hampshire County Council
Children’s Services in response to
increasing demand that will be coming
through our catchment area primary
From September 2019, the school will be
taking 270 students a year into Year 7. By
September 2023, the total number on roll
will be 1,350 students with approximately
80 teachers and 35 supporting staff.


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