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Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce was the first
chamber in the Country to establish a Social Value
Forum bringing members from across the Public,
Private and Voluntary and Community sectors to
develop and promote Social Value as a means to
maximise our social, economic and environmental
impact. The Social Value Forum have been working
on a strategy to further support Staffordshire
businesses to understand, increase and measure
the impact of the social value they create. This has
been formulated into a document that has been
approved by Staffordshire Chambers Board. Using a
thorough 12-month action plan, the strategy will be
implemented across the Chamber.
Why is this important?
As businesses, we add value to our local area
though the goods and services we provide, through
employing people and our economic contribution
to the economy by payment of taxes to support
public services. In these uncertain times continuing
to thrive (or just survive) can be sufficient enough
challenge to keep business owners occupied.
But what about wider impacts of our activity? As
businesses, we are part of our communities, we
enjoy the benefits of local services, a pleasant
environment and safe streets. But what if we could
make this event better and give businesses a key
point of differentiation to win more business?
Many socially minded businesses recognise their
contribution to society and help contribute beyond
their core purpose, for example supporting
community activity, reducing their environmental
impact and taking on apprentices. This is
particularly important in areas which have relatively
high levels of deprivation and a greater call on local
services, particularly from voluntary and community
organisations, especially given the impact of cuts in
public services.
Nationally and internationally, the need to
maximise the positive impact of business (and
reduce the negative impacts) has become ever
more vital, The UN Sustainable Development Goals,
supported by the Chambers of Commerce, provide
a comprehensive framework to move towards a
sustainable future.


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