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Increasingly, as a result of the Social Value Act,
Public Sector organisations (and a number of
high-profile private businesses) are requiring
organisations to define in tenders the social impact
that will be delivered alongside the core service.
Further, organisations are being asked to measure
their social impact as a result of their actions. We
are committed to support our members both
to help them maximise their social impact and
compete for business successfully as a result of
their social value activities.
How can we help?
Our strategy guides our actions and we have
appointed a Social Value Impact Broker to
provide the following support to our members in
developing their social value offer.
1. Social value diagnostic
The Chamber will develop and make available to
local businesses a social value diagnostic which
will assist organisations to understand their social
impact. Services will be developed to support
organisations to maximise their impact based on
their diagnostic outcomes.
2. Training and best practice dissemination
The Chamber will host regular training events to
share skills and best practice in respect of social
value activity, to extend skills and understanding
across its membership.
6. Social value measurement
The Chamber will adopt a recognised and robust
social value measurement tool to underpin the
effective comparison of social value outcomes.
7. Lobbying and support
The Chamber will continue to lobby for the
expansion of the Social Value Act and the adoption
of stronger social value clauses though national
contracts. In addition, the Chamber will work with
local partners such as the LEP to seek to ensure that
social value is mainstreamed locally through, for
example, the Local Industrial Strategy.
The Chamber will maintain and resource the Social
Value Forum as a means of engaging across the
public, private and voluntary sectors.
The Chamber will actively support the Social
Enterprise Place programme as a means of
supporting the development of a vibrant third
sector offer and increasing the flow of value
between the private, public and third sectors.
8. Action plan and resources
The Chamber has developed an action plan to direct
and support these commitments and the resources
needed to support the activity. The Chamber
will seek opportunities to bid for resources which
complement the delivery of this strategy and the
associated action plan.
3. Procurement
The Chamber will work with partners across the
public, private and third sectors to seek to increase
the use of social value clauses in contracts, their
relative weighting and to extend these throughout
the contractual levels to smaller organisations
so they can engage effectively and differentiate
through social value, securing more opportunities.
5. Performance management
Social value goes beyond philanthropy and CSR
as sound business strategy, which will enable
our members and partners to compete more
effectively locally and nationally. As the Chambers
of Commerce, we support sustainable growth and
wish to see our local businesses prosper through a
wider adoption of social value with their business
activity. The Social Value Forum will review activity
against the action plan on a quarterly basis to
ensure that we continue to lead the way in Social
Value in the Chamber movement and in our local
business community.
We will work with partners to ensure that, when
contracts are awarded on the basis of social value,
these benefits are realised through an effective
performance framework.
For more information contact
or call 01782 202222
4. Engage with the Third sector
We will seek opportunities to engage and support
third sector (voluntary, community and social
enterprise) through social value and procurement.


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