1107 Focus Spring 2020 Print - Page 7

“Our capital investment budget to 2025 is
increasing by £336m. This is money that can only
be used for fixed assets such as land, buildings or
equipment. This is an ambitious programme of
investment that shows our brilliant city off to its
best and provides the benefits our residents need.
It is critical if we are to bring new business to the
city and attract residents to grow our tax base,
helping us to become more financially independent.
“Elsewhere in the city, we are investing to make the
best possible use of all the assets we own. We’ll
continue with the transformation of our town halls
and seek to emphasise the best of our heritage
through investment and co-ordinated programmes
of activity city-wide.”
The Stoke-on-Trent City Council strategic vision is
entitled ‘Stronger Together’. It embodies a clear
vision of where the city wants to go and how it will
get there. For the last four years, Stronger Together
has provided the roadmap for the City Council,
building on some great opportunities and ideas to
continue to make Stoke-on-Trent a city fit for the
Councillor Brown concluded: “Working more
closely with partners has been a golden thread
of that journey, and one we continue to build on
in this next stage of our vision to make Stokeon-Trent a city we can all be proud of. I will be
continuing to get out and about across the city to
meet businesses, and my door is always open. The
changes we all want to see can only be achieved
Swift house site proposed development


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