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JOINT local
by Carl Copestake
head of planning at knights plc and
chair of the chambers' planning and infrastructure forum
In the first quarter of 2020, Newcastle-under-Lyme
and Stoke-on-Trent Local Planning Authorities will
publish a draft joint local plan for consultation.
This is a very important document for the area, as it
will set out the development strategy for the whole
area for the period up to 2038.
The document is a legal requirement, and the
current local plans for both areas are effectively
out-of-date due to the passage of time.
The plan will assess aspects of housing delivery,
transport, employment, retail, health and education
across all of Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle, and
set out for example, how much and what type
of housing and employment land is required
and where it should be located. The plan will be
well informed and based on evidence the two
authorities have gathered. It will make some big
decisions such as whether Green Belt land should
be released to meet demand for new development
and if so, where and in what quantity.
Over the past three years there has already been
public consultation based around what are the
issues and options for the new local plan are.
This next stage is the most important one to date,
and we urge Chambers members to look out for the
consultation especially if they consider that they
may have any development planned over the next
few years, say by extending premises or finding new
land for new premises. Or it may be that members
are simply generally interested as to what may go
on in their local area. This is the best time and way
to influence how your local area will be changed.
By getting involved in the creation and ultimate
delivery of the Joint Local Plan it can be beneficial
for you, your business and your community.


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