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Prices mentioned in this brochure are listed per person and
based on a minimum of two adults sharing a room. The child
rate will be applicable for children aged 11 years and below
that are being accompanied by two full paying adults. There will
also be a charge payable for infants below 23 months, which is
solely for a seat-in-coach only. Single Supplement charges are
for individuals travelling on their own. Ages are calculated on
the return date.
Star Tours carefully select all hotels ensuring that a minimum
3* category is provided (ratings are subject to local and
national board criteria) unless otherwise stated. Facilities
include an en-suite bathroom, TV, and telephone. Hotels do not
provide baby cots. Please remember that most hotels in Europe
have small rooms, unlike many other countries and also hotels
will not have air-conditioning, tea/coffee or kettle facilities
in rooms. They are also governed by local laws and policies,
which may restrict access to certain facilities. Hotels are located
outside the city centre.
Most hotels can only accommodate a maximum of three
persons in each room however if you are a family of four, i.e.
two adults and two children, then your first child will be given
an extra bed but the second child will be required to share the
bed as no extra bed can be provided. The extra bed provided
will either be a sofa bed or roll-away bed. These extra beds
will not be full-sized double beds and are usually suitable for
one individual only. If your group consists of one adult and
one child, the child must pay a full adult fare to make up the
cost for the room required. (Please see below). Double beds in
Hotels will consist of two single beds placed together.
*For Example: if tour cost was - Adult $ 100 / Child $ 50
1 Adult +
1 Child
2 Adults +
1 Child
2 Adults +
2 Children
2 Adults +
3 Children
$ 100 + $ 100
$ 200
$ 100 + $ 100 + $ 50
$ 250
$ 100 + $ 100 +
$ 50 + $ 50*
$ 300
You will have to pay for either a single
supplement for your third child; otherwise,
two of the children will have to upgrade to
pay adult fares. You will receive two rooms.
*Where a quad room is not available for your group,
a reduction will be provided as stated in the tour itinerary.
Note that quad rooms have limited space and additional beds
may not be suitable for tall adults.
Passengers travelling alone will be required to pay the full
adult price plus a single supplement. Star Tours cannot allocate
or source a sharing basis with another passenger.
For 2020, the program for our coach tours is based on channel
crossing routes from Dover, Calais and Dunkirk. We also
use Eurotunnel services from Folkestone for many of our
departures. Star Tours’ reserves the right to direct tours to
alternative ports if necessary. It is the passenger’s responsibility
to ensure the obtaining of a landing card and correct filling,
where applicable.
Escorted tours are accompanied by our Tour Representatives
(Tour rep or Driver). On occasions, the tour rep may not
meet passengers at their respective pickup point, but at a
later stage, however, the driver or alternative rep will be
there to take care of any of the passengers’ needs. A number
of itineraries include travel via flight or rail and on these
itineraries; passengers are not accompanied by a tour rep/local
representative during these journeys. In this case, the tour rep
will meet passengers at the arrival destination. Star Tours aim
to provide tour reps with mobile contact numbers which their
passengers will be carrying whilst on tour (it is advisable that
at least one passenger in a group carry a contactable mobile).
On coach tours, the tour rep will provide passengers with their
contact details for the duration of the tour on the first day. For
flight tours, the passengers will receive these details via a tour
confirmation within 24 hours of their departure. All our tours
will be conducted in English.
Please note that during the tour, the tour rep reserves the right
to modify the itinerary as they deem fit. These changes are
usually due to unexpected delays or major local events that
can often arise. Whilst travelling on organized group tours,
adhering to timings given by the tour rep is very important. All
our tours are subject to governance by DVSA for driving hours;
hence it is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure all departure
times are adhered to. Star Tours will not take responsibility for
passengers left behind due to not adhering to itineraries and
times stated by the tour rep for whatsoever reason, and any
subsequent impact this may cause financially or non-financially.
It is a passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they are clear in
understanding the departure time from any given point.
Our coaches are fitted with TV, DVD or CD player, and air
cooling and toilet facilities (WC facilities on coaches have
limited capacities, and therefore we advise passengers to use
them only on an ‘emergency’ basis as once capacity has been
reached the WC will be locked). On rare occasions, your coach
may not have a WC facility on board. On our flight tours, please
note that your touring coach will not have a WC facility on
board. We have a strict no smoking policy; this includes the use
of e-cigarettes and other vaporizers. Alcohol consumption is
also prohibited on all our Coaches. During transfers, we may
use an alternative vehicle without the above facilities (WC
facilities will not be present on smaller coaches or vehicles).
These transfers include but are not limited to - certain days of
An important point to note whilst on a touring holiday is that
some long journeys are unavoidable, especially when travelling
from city to city as distances in Europe are vast. Star Tours
recommends that passengers wear comfortable clothing on
these days and bear in mind that a major part of these days
will be spent on the coach. It is advisable for passengers to carry
necessities which they may need for the day such as water, dry
snacks, tissues, medication etc. with them in their hand luggage.
Star Tours’ advises passengers to exchange any spending
money before they commence their tour. Whilst on tour it may
not be possible for the tour rep to arrange for a passenger to
be specially taken to exchange money and not all places of
interest will have ATM machines or accept credit/debit cards.
We also advise our passengers to keep some EURO change on
them whilst on tour as you may need to pay for toilets in many
parts of Europe.
114 Call us 24 hours: 1 866 867 2620 | Book Online:
Children under the age of two years will be charged an
infant fare, and on a flight tour, a nominal supplement
applies. Child/Infant booster seats are not provided by Star
Tours, and it is strongly advisable to carry your own, which
is adaptable to coach seats. Milk and baby food cannot be
provided by the hotel or restaurants and passengers are
advised to carry ready baby milk cartons whilst on tour.
Please also note that not all hotels provide a kettle so if hot
water is required for warming milk etc. in the hotel then it is
advisable to carry a bottle warmer/kettle. Pushchairs can be
kept in the baggage lockers of the coach. Children will not
be allowed to occupy seats near the front of the coach.
Star Tours operate a luggage handling service under which
the driver will load and unload one piece of luggageper
person from the coach (weighing up to a maximum of
20kg, and not exceeding dimensions of 90 x 75 x 43 cm /
35.5 x 29.5 x 16 ins). It will be the passenger’s
responsibility to carry their luggage to and from the coach
as well as their hotel room. In addition, they are also
entitled to carry one piece of hand luggage (weighing up to
a maximum of 7kg, and not exceeding dimensions of
20 x 20 x 48 cm / 8 x 8 x 19 inches), which can fit under
their seat or in the overhead compartment. These
dimensions differ from Airline luggage allowance due to
the difference in stowaway compartment sizes of standard
European Coaches. Any luggage placed in the lockers
can only be accessed at the Hotel/final point only. If you
check in extra baggage, or baggage beyond the limits
outlined here an additional fee of $ 15 per bag per day
will apply (subject to availability). All baggage is placed at
the owner’s risk, and Star Tours or its partners accept no
liability for loss or damage to bags howsoever caused.
Weather in much of Western Europe tends to be similar
to England and is very unpredictable. Regardless of the
time of the year, it is advisable to carry a small umbrella
at all times. Temperatures vary from place to place, and it
is a good idea to check online for average temperatures
for the destination(s) being visited. Passengers can be
well prepared by ensuring they are carrying appropriate
clothing, footwear, and accessories. Passengers should also
be aware that some sightseeing will be done after dusk.
During summer months it is advisable to wear light
garments and perhaps keep a light jacket or sweater
handy. It is advisable to carry a light waterproof jacket or
umbrella. Passengers should also carry suitable footwear as
per the itinerary of the tour. Passengers should also carry
travel adapters so they can charge their electronic items in
their hotel room (as the sockets in Mainland Europe and
elsewhere may vary). Passengers may also want to carry a
small travel iron, hair-dryer, kettle etc. as not all hotels will
have these in the rooms. Passengers should consult with
Star Tours at the time of booking if they are unsure.
It is the passenger’s’ responsibility to keep their property
and valuables safe at all times, including on coaches,
excursions, and hotels. If an item has been left at the
hotel or supplier, then the passenger can call the relevant
supplier. In the case of theft, passengers should advise
their tour rep immediately and report the theft to the
appropriate authorities, so they can be provided with a
police report or crime reference number. Passengers are


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