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We believe that the most effective means of social and economic development is through
the education of children. In keeping with this view, we support project partners in India
to improve education of underprivileged children by offering children a safe environment for
acquiring basic literacy and vocational skills and by encouraging sustainable performance
and alternative teaching methods. With 50+ chapters worldwide, Asha supports close to
400 projects spanning 24 states in India, disbursing over £ 26 million since its inception.
Asha is a completely volunteer run organisation.
Charity No.: 1088168
Star Tours donated £ 25,000 to Akshaya Patra
Star Tours donated £ 25,000 to Pratham
Charity No. 1117756
Charity No. 1099386
The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation operating in 12 states
across India. Our organisation strives to eliminate classroom hunger by implementing
the "Mid-Day Meal" Scheme in government schools and government-aided schools.
Alongside this, Akshaya Patra also aims to counter malnutrition, child labour and gender
discrimination by supporting the right to education of socio-economically disadvantaged
children. They currently feed over 1.7 million children every day and aim to reach
5 million daily by 2020.
Pratham is India’s largest education NGO, seeking to improve the qualityof
education and learning levels across India. Set up in 1994 in conjuction with
UNICEF. Pratham has helped more than 35 million children to date through
programmes focussed on improving reading level, encouraging young women to
continue their children and providing vocation skills to young adults.
Star Tours donated £ 20,000
to Asha for Education
Star Tours donated £ 20,000
to Big Hug Foundation
Star Tours donated £ 20,000
to Jivanganga Vikas Trust
Charity No. 1088168
Registered Charity No. 1144159
Our belief is that education is a catalyst for Socioeconomic change.
In keeping with this view, We support secular projects that strive
to increase access to education among the disadvantaged. Asha is
a completely volunteer run organisation. Our focus on children’s
education has galvanised volunteers accross the globe and today
there are 66 Asha chapters worldwide, operating across the US,
India & Europe. Asha has supported close to 400 projects spanning
24 states in India, disbursing over £16 million since its inception.
The Big Hug Foundation is a small UK based charity dedicated
to providing shelter and education to underpriviledged
children in India. The children we support are all destitute;
some are orphans, and others are runaways escaping
a lifetime of neglect and/or abuse. We aim to relieve these
children of hardship and break the cycle of poverty by
provding them with clean, safe, shelter, a real education
and above all, a family.
The Jivanganga Vikas Trust for the last 10 years has been
working hard to ensure children living in daily poverty
are given an opportunity for education and health. The
aim is to educate and provide social learning to every
under the privileged child and young person regardless
of cast, creed, religion or faith so they can reach the
desired potential. Allowing the children to establish
a foundation in life with the ultimate aim to abolish
segregation of children from humble backgrounds.
Star Tours donated £ 20,000
to Narayan Sewa
Star Tours donated £ 20,000
Star Tours donated £ 15,000
to Akshay Patra
Charity No. 1046188
Registered Charity No. 235825
Charity No. 1117756
Narayan Sewa sansthan is a NGO established in 1985 by
Dr. Kailash Agrawal “Manav” to treat patients suffering from
polio, cerebral palsy and serve the orthopedically handicapped
and disabled. They aim to provide education and vocational
training to the disabled and mentally challenged with proper
facilities to develop their potential to the fullest so that they
can be selfreliant and independent.
Great ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) was established in 1852
and has since then been providing for much needed medical
treatment for children. Great ormond Street Hospital is the
county’s leading centre for treating sick children, with the
widest range of specialisms under one roof. This means that
they can provide treatments to children with the most complex,
rare and lifethreatning illness.
Established in 2000, this non-governmental organisation
(NGO) advocates improving primary education by stamping
out hunger. Akshaya Patra helps to reopen the route out
of poverty and into education by being the largest nongovernmental provider of school lunches in India.
Star Tours donated £ 15,000 to BAP’s
The BAPS’s Swaminarayan Sanstha engages in over 150
humanitarian causes throughout the world and provides much needed help to the places where help is urgent. Drawing on their
diverse resources, broad reach and vast experience. BAPS endeavours
to provide both emergency care and long-term solutions in the areas
of health, education, the enviroenment, community developement,
tribal uplift, and disaster relief.
Star Tours donated £ 15,000
to Pratham
Star Tours donated £ 15,000
to Oxfam Charity
Charity No. 1099386
Charity No. 202918
Pratham was started by UNICEF in 1994 with a mission to erase
illiteracy amongst India’s 100 million underpriviledged children.
Working with 22 state governments in India, teachers have been
trained in Pratham’s ground breaking teaching the techniques
that help children improve their learning levels in 4-8 weeks.
Oxfam projects in Uttar Pradesh Focus on improving
the number of children that complete primary school,
as this is the best way for them to break the cycle of
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