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JANUARY 24 2019
Great turnout for
Portmore Arena Eventing
HERE was another great turnout for the Bluegrass
Arena Eventing at Portmore Equestrian Centre,
Aghalee on Sunday. Portmore welcomed two
foreign competitors - Anne Sophie Naz from
Switzerland and Pauline Stenz from Germany,
based with Hannah Patterson.
The course set by Rafael Suarez was very educational
for the younger horses, with plenty of help in the arena to
make sure everyone completed their course and, for the
more advanced, it was a definitely a great way to kick start
the eventing season.
The league continues for another two weeks, then the
final - competitors need to compete in three out of the five
rounds to qualify for the £1,000 prize fund in the final.
Jumping continues at Portmore with Horse and Pony
Training Shows on Saturdays and Arena Eventing on
Sundays and also the weekly Tuesday night training shows
continue starting at 7pm with 70cm.
Sunday, January 20
Bluegrass Arena Eventing - Week 3
75cm: 1) Simone Leathem, Fionn; 2) Holly McGahan,
Candy Crush; 3) Sammy Weston, Ace; 4) Oliver Kinnear,
Mole; 5) Karen Glendining, Golden Grove; 6) Corey
McGahan, Snowy.
1) Katie Haire, GG; 2) Hannah Thompson, Cara; 3)
Sarah Curran, Barney; 4) Emily Rooney, April; 5) Michelle
McConnell, Sunday Morning; 6) Ian Jones, Ebony.
1) Hannah Thompson, Prince; 2) Steven Green, Run This
Town; 3) Hannah Patterson, Cracker; 4) Wendy Anderson,
Ria; 5) Ann Sophie Naz, Tim; 6) John Jo McCrickard, Bridge
1.10m: 1) Joanne Jarden, Kali; 2) Toni McClenaghan, Rio.
The Complete Clinic
1M WINNER: Hannah Thompson on ‘Prince’, winner of the
1m class at the Arena Eventing at Portmore.
PICTURES: Sporting Images
Complete Clinic,
a biomechanical
clinic for
riders, will be
held at Old
Mill Saddlery
on Thursday,
February 7.
85CM: Katie Haire on ‘GG’, winner of the 85cm class at
the Arena Eventing at Portmore. (FW04-529JG)
PLACED: Sarah Curran and ‘Barney’ secured third place in
the 85cm class at the Arena Eventing at Portmore.
Jarden on
‘Kali’, winner
of the 1.10m
class at
Winter League continues for Seskinore Harriers
ESKINORE Harriers held the
second day of their Winter League
at the Ecclesville Centre, Fintona
on Sunday, January 20.
This proved to be another successful
day for all riders, with three additional
Dengie Qualifiers providing stiff
competition. The committee appreciate
the time and effort made by all helpers
who make the competition possible.
The league will continue next Sunday,
January 27, with the final on February
3, starting at 9.15am. To be eligible
for prizes, combinations must have
competed in at least two previous
weeks and the final and for the open
classes have at least one clear first
round and some points. All welcome.
For more information, please call
Karen McIvor 07732 832635.
Sunday, January 20
Cross-Poles Unled - Clear: Kacie
Maguire, Manny; Ruby Millar, Gracie;
McElhennon, Apple Jack.
Cross-Poles Led - Clear: Caroline
Wallace, Elvis; Henry Coote, Star; Lily
McCrea, Ariel; Ava McElroy, Poppet;
Chloe Crothers, Bonnie; Katherine
Beattie, Princess.
40cm - Clear: Ruby Millar, Gracie;
Ellie-Mae McCrory, Dante; Olivia
McCrea, Ariel; Darcy Maguire, Manny;
Ceeva McElhennon, Apple Jack.
50cm - Clear: Darcy Maguire, Manny;
Ruby Millar, Gracie; Ellie-Mae McCrory,
Dante; Lexi Maguire, Jack; Stewart
Beattie, Princess.
60cm - Clear: Olivia McCrea, Smokey
Joe; Dreena Harron, Ginger; Mary
Semple, Amilee.
128cm Novice: Kaitlin McCrory,
Party Pop; Lori Smith, Finn; Lori Smith,
Freckles; Stewart Beattie, Princess;
Lexi Maguire, Manny.
70cm - Clear: Jara Hamilton, Bluebell;
Amy McLaughlin, Rua; Lindsay McIvor,
Rosie; Hannah Thompson, Mrs Diablo;
Sasha Milne, Smirnoff; Mary Semple,
138cm - Novice: Olivia
Smokey Joe.
Junior Dengie: 1) Therese Doherty,
Ardtowl Pollyanna; 2) Zoe Casky,
Smoke Gun; 3) Zoe Casky, Ruthstown
Speed; 4) Ava Stubbs, Stone Brook
128cm Open: 1) Lori Smith, Finn; 2)
Kate Millar, Shadow; 3) Zoey Caskey,
Gunner; 4) Kaitlin McCrory, Party Pop;
5) Zoey Caskey, Speedie.
80cm - Clear: Lindsay McIvor, Rosie;
Kate Millar, Shadow.
148cm Novice: Jara Hamilton,
Bluebell; Amy McLaughlin, Rua;
Emily Brown, Hillbilly Rock; Claire
Murnaghan, Hacker.
Dengie Debut: 1) Amy McLaughlin,
Knockgraffan Girl; 2) Ava Stubbs,
Stone Brook Tosca; 3) Emily Browne,
Hillybilly Rocky; 4) Paris Douglas, Lily.
138cm Open: 1) Paris Douglas, Lily;
2) Lucy McCann, Tillie.
90cm - Clear: Lucy McCann, Tillie;
Claire Murnaghan, Hacker.
Horse Novice - Clear: Cahill Donnelly,
Mr Red; Charley Love, Rookie Diamond;
Kamryn McQuade, Rosie.
Senior Dengie: 1) Clara Daly,
Binghamstown Ceol Na Mara; 2) Emily
Browne, Hillbilly Rocky.
148cm Open: 1) Tia Smith, Bob; 2)
Clara Daly, Minty.
1m: 1) Clara Daly, Lucky.
Horse Open: 1) Carly Braden,
Melissa; 2) Carly Braden, Millie; 3)
Kamryn McQuade, Rosie; 4) Charley
Love, Rookie Diamond; 5) Shauneen
Gallagher, Liz.
1.10m: 1) Carly Braden, Millie; 2)
Carly Braden, Melissa; 3) Clara Daly,
WE at Old Mill Saddlery are proud
and excited to be a part of The
Complete Clinic (a biomechanical
assessment clinic for riders).
This will be held on Thursday,
February 7 at Old Mill Saddlery,
110 Larne Road, Ballycarry,
Carrickfergus, BT38 9JN.
The Clinic will be run by Jill
Crawford of Vet Physio N.I., who
is a Chartered Human, Horse
and Canine Physiotherapist, who
specialises in the treatment and
rehabilitation of human, equine
and canine patient’s across
Northern Ireland. She will be
joined by our very own Robert
Patton, who has over 30 years’
experience as a saddle fitter and
who is fully qualified with the
Society of Master Saddlers. Also
joining her will be Carolyn Mellor
from Vision Sport Horses, who is
a well renowned dressage coach
and competitor, having a number
of national championships
under her belt and producer
of international level dressage
This clinic is the ultimate
equestrian experience in which
the one-day event allows the
chance for horse riders to have
many assessments conducted
by the top in the industry using
the newest technology available,
in order to improve their riding
skills. Participants will take part
in a biomechanical assessment
using new on board sensor
software with Jill, a lesson with
leading coach Carolyn Mellor, and
a saddle fitting assessment with
The clinic’s aim is to review
the participant’s saddle fit,
which is carried out by Robert,
by reviewing the rider position
and performance when in the
saddle (using the new software
programme for on board
analysis). Participants will also
be provided with feedback during
the session from Jill and Carolyn
on how to implement changes
effectively, they will then be
provided with a tailored groundbased core exercise programme
to complete at home.
This is the first time this software
programme has been offered in
Ireland, it displays and records
real time posture readings, which
can then be used to correct
balance issues and achieve the
ideal riding position. This is the
perfect day for all equestrians
who are looking to improve their
riding and horse’s performance
before the competition season
The day will cost £90 per person,
with places being confirmed
on payment. There are limited
spaces available for this one-day
clinic, so get your space booked
as soon as possible for this
unmissable day.
For further details and booking
information, contact Jill Crawford
on 07811 152062 or


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