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HVS to profile
the benefits
of its Liquid
Gold range
VS Animal Health again
has a major presence at
this year’s Balmoral Show.
The company is using the
event to specifically profile
the results of a synchronised AI
programme, carried out on 150
heifers within the renowned Jalex
suckler herd, owned by Randalstown
breeder David Alexander.
The work involved the input of
Dovea Genetics. The Jalex herd is
home to a selection of Ireland’s elite
commercial blood lines.
Eamon McGarry takes up the story:
“The heifers were synchronised
in early January. Semen from two
of Dovea’s top Limousin bulls,
Elderberry Galahad and Ewdenvale
Galahad, were used on the breeding
“Subsequent scanning confirmed
an almost 80 per cent conception
rate to first service. This is a
tremendous result.”
Three weeks prior to the start
of the programme all the heifers
were drenched with HVS Liquid
Gold Cattle, a proven source of
bio-available trace elements and
vitamin for suckler cows and other
“Fertility in suckler cows and
heifers are highly dependent on
the animals’ mineral and vitamin
balance. If these are sub-optimal
then their ability to conceive will
be negatively impacted,” explained
HVS Animal Health’s Paul Elwood.
He continued: “Our Liquid Gold
range supplies all the micro
minerals and essential vitamins
required by milking stock, cattle and
sheep in a highly available form to
help address the shortfall of micro
minerals that so characterise the
forages produced here in Northern
“The products represent the next
generation in chelated mineral and
vitamin drenches.”
Paul added that suckler herd
owners must seek to maximise
the fertility performance of their
MAY 16 2019
CHAT: Dovea’s Eamon McGarry
(left) and HVS Animal Health’s Paul
Elwood discussing the benefits of
the recent Jalex synchronised AI
trial. Full results are available at
Balmoral Show.
“The HVS Liquid Gold range
has been developed to meet
this specific requirement. The
reality is that an animal can only
perform to the level of the greatest
deficiency or imbalance in its diet.
All forage based diets can contain
major mineral imbalances and
consequently most stock never
achieve their genetic potential
in terms of growth, fertility,
development of immunity, etc.”
Paul said that for trace elements
to be available to stock, they must
be of high quality and must link
up with one or more amino acids
or peptides in the rumen prior to
being absorbed through the gut
wall into the blood stream, adding:
“Stock are not ideally equipped to
effect this ‘link up’ and a significant
proportion of trace elements and
vitamins supplied in conventional
form, pass straight through the
body and are excreted.”
HVS will also be profiling the
benefits of Liquid Gold Sheep for
growing lambs at this time of the
Paul Elwood again: “Liquid Gold
should be given to lambs, from one
month-of-age onwards.
“Lambs born some weeks ago,
and are currently outdoors, will
particularly benefit from this
approach, given the cold conditions
they had to endure during the first
fortnight of April. The dosage rate is
5mls per animal.”
Paul continued: “Our trial work
has shown that, on average, lambs
drenched with Liquid Gold Sheep
will be 1.24 kilos heavier than their
untreated counterparts after five
“Liquid Gold Sheep delivers all of
the key trace minerals and vitamins
which growing lambs require with
copper, manganese and zinc made
available in a wholly chelated form.”
Paul went on to highlight the
importance of ensuring that the
nutritional requirements, of both
young beef cattle, dairy replacements and breeding stock are met
during the spring months.
“Liquid Gold can be given to store
cattle and dairy replacements to
improve growth rates. Suckler cows
will benefit in terms of improved
fertility levels and growth rates,” he
“The dosage rates are: weanlings
- 50mls per head, yearlings - 60mls
per head, finishers - 100mls, and
suckler cows - 100mls per head.
“Maiden heifers going out to grass
now will benefit from a similar
management approach as it will
help to maximise growth rates and
bulling activity.”
HVS is on Stand Number 19 in the
Agri Pavilion at Balmoral Show.
For more information contact
HVS Animal Health on (028)


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