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MAY 16 2019
Blaney Agri to showcase
machinery innovations
LANEY Agri, based in County
Antrim, is pleased to be exhibiting
at Balmoral Show where it will be
showcasing its tractor machinery.
Designed and manufactured
in Ballymena, the Blaney Agri range of
machinery offers livestock and grassland
farmers a growing selection of innovative
machines for cutting and shredding, feeding
and bedding, aerating, weed control,
swathing and sweeping.
With thoughts turning to silage season
and concern for unpredictable weather,
the Blaney SwathAir is likely to get strong
interest. With sward rebuilding technology,
this machine has been developed to
improve the wilting process for increased
dry matter content for faster, better,
cheaper silage.
The HDX Excavator Cutting Head is
the latest innovation in Blaney’s power
shredding technology. This heavy-duty,
high-durability model is intended for use
in a contractor capacity. It features a high
torque piston motor for increased power,
which is especially effective for modern
excavators with higher operating pressures.
Building on Blaney’s power shredder
technology, the HDX head uses a high speed
dynamic rotor which works in combination
with integrated shark fin blades, resulting
in material that is chopped to a finer grade.
Perfect for hedge cutting and tackling
If you have lighter hedge-cutting tasks
where a flail head is not required, the
Blaney Compact hedge cutter equipped
with a fingerbar trimmer is ideal. Featuring
a low friction, self-lubricating design it
is easy to drive and reduces wear and
associated maintenance costs. This also
gives enhanced performance even on older
tractors with less oil flow.
The Blaney Agri range offers the farming
community a sprayer (400L-1200L) that
will outperform any cheap Eastern
European import and compete favourably
on price with established brands. The
Blaney TGS sprayer range is equipped
with high specification pumps and a high
performance control system.
The newest model of deluxe booms
enhanced for rough ground applications
will be on display showcasing their clever
design which offers welcome protection for
the nozzles from accidental damage and to
avoid additional calibration requirements.
This design also incorporates an anti-drift
function by protecting the exit point of the
nozzle for a more accurate and efficient
spray pattern. Adjustable height and angle
settings of the outer sections help protect
your investment by allowing you to keep
within the boundaries of the new test
regulations where little allowance is given
for errors in alignment.
The Blaney Agri stand will be showcasing
a selection of its wide range of machinery
including SwathAir grass conditioner, 800L
sprayer/12m deluxe boom, Forager X10 Bale
Unroller, Contractor hedgecutter, Compact
hedge cutter.
If you would like to find out more
about the Blaney Agri range, request a
brochure or DVD please call 028 2587
2801, or visit www.blaneyagri.com
where you can browse the range and
view video footage of the machines. You
can also follow BlaneyAgri on twitter and


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