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JANUARY 23 2020
A large show of cattle on Thursday driven
by a strong trade. Prices as follows:
BULLOCKS - James McCallan £1180/560kg,
£1120/530kg, £1100/510kg, £1100/520kg, John
Lennon £1050/500kg, B Quinn £1030/500kg,
Michael Lagan £940/470kg, £930/480kg, Kieran
Donnelly £920/480kg, R Boyd £910/390kg, D
Jefferson £890/360kg,
Peter & Paul Tally £890/420kg, £880/440kg,
Michael Lagan £880/440kg, £850/420kg, Kieran
Donnelly £870/490kg, D Jefferson £840/340kg,
James Anderson £830/390kg, Edel McCallan
£830/350kg, Glenn Burnside £820/430kg,
Kieran Donnelly £820/440kg,
D Jefferson £810/340kg, Peter & Paul Tally
£805/400kg, Edward Ferry £800/390kg,
£800/410kg, B Quinn £800/270kg, James
Anderson £780/380kg, £745/370kg, Vincent
Rafferty £755/310kg, £730/350kg, James
Conroy £740/300kg, £700/380kg,£695/310kg,
Michael Meenagh £700/260kg, £680/240kg,
Peter Monaghan £680/300kg.
HEIFERS - Brian Watt £1030/540kg,
£1010/540kg, Conrad McAleer £990/510kg,
McGurk Agri £855/380kg, Peter McCallan
£825/380kg, £790/340kg, £770/370kg,
£755/340kg, £750/340kg, £740/320kg,
£710/390kg, Sinead McCallan £690/310kg,
Patrick McCallan £680/310kg, £655/070kg,
£635/320kg, £630/260kg,
Michael Lagan £680/370kg, Peter Monaghan
£675/320kg, Declan Lagan £660/240kg,
Vincent Rafferty £620/250kg, Patrick McCallan
£620/260kg, Michael Meenagh £600/230kg,
Peter Monaghan £525/230kg, £515/270kg.
Fat lambs sold to £101.50 on Tuesday. Great
demand in all sections brought a mighty
trade. Prices as follows:
FAT LAMBS - C Moran £101.50/5kg,
£100.20/26kg, Leslie Robinson £98.50/26kg,
Fairmount arms £98.50/27kg, Rodney
Hutchinson £98/26kg, S Kelly £98/25kg, R
Killen £98/26kg, £98/27kg, Charles McDevitt
C McCrudden £97.50/24kg, £97.50/26kg,
John Dodds £97/24kg, A McMurray £96/23kg,
Fairmount Farms £95.80/25kg, Norman
Thompson £95.20/24kg, Leslie Robinson
Robert Blackburn £95, Hugh OConnor
£94.50/24kg, Seamus Farrell £94/24kg, Michael
OHara £93.80/23kg, Jerry OHara £93.80/23kg,
Shane McCloskey £92.50/23kg, John /Devine
£91.50/23kg, Hugh OConnor £91/24kg, A Kelly
A McMurray £90/22kg, £88.50/22kg,
£87/22kg, John Devine £89/23kg, George
McKinney £89/22kg, Ivor Purcell £87.50/21kg.
STORE LAMBS - Rodney Hutchinson £85,
R & W Golligher £82, S Kelly £82, £81.50, £80,
Jerry OHara £77, George McKinney £75.
FAT EWES - John Gilllan £112, Martin
Doherty £110, £95,re £94, £91, Ruth
Hutchinson £95, Kelly Farms £91,D Harpur
£90, £87, £82, Arthur Rainey £83, Rodney
Hutchinson £77.
A strong seasonal show of over 1100 sheep
was presented on Saturday. An entry of
almost 280 ewes met an excellent trade for all
sorts which topped at £145 for 6 well eshed
Almost 800 lambs were presented for sale,
which was met with a very strong trade
topping at £103 on several occasions for
heavy weight lambs.
producer 27kg at £103, 3.81p; Limavady
producer 30kg at £103, 3.43p; Limavady
producer 29.5kg at £103, 3.49p; Greysteel
producer 26.7kg at £102.20, 3.83p;
Greysteel producer 26.3kg at £101.80, 3.88p;
CATCHING UP: Dean Gordon, Drumquin, and Seamus Conway, Cranagh, enjoying a chat as they
admire crossbred entries at Plumbridge Livestock Sales.
Draperstown producer 29kg at £102.50, 3.53p;
Draperstown producer 26.5kg at £102, 3.85p;
Swatragh producer 25.9kg at £101, 3.90p;
Armoy producer 28kg at £101.50, 3.63p;
Swatragh producer 26kg at £101, 3.88p;
Upperlands producer 26.8kg at £100.20, 3.74p.
MIDWEIGHT LAMBS - Bushmills producer
24.8kg at £99.20, 4.00p; Rasharkin producer
24.3kg at £98.20, 4.04p; Upperlands producer
24.8kg at £95.00, 3.83p; Ballymoney producer
23.5kg at £96.20, 4.09p;
Draperstown producer 23.8kg at £96.80,
4.07p; Loughgall producer 22.3kg at £95.00,
4.26p; Swatragh producer 22kg at £94.20,
4.28p; Bellaghy producer 22.8kg at £93.00,
4.08p; Bellaghy producer 21kg at £99.80, 4.75p;
Rasharkin producer 21.3kg at £91.20, 4.28p.
producer 20.5kg at £89.00, 4.34p; Upperlands
producer 20.5kg at £85.00, 4.15p; Cookstown
producer 19kg at £78.00, 4.11p; Ballymoney
producer 18kg at £81.50, 4.53p; Bellaghy
producer 18kg at £79.00, 4.39p.
FAT EWES - Magilligan producer £145;
Draperstown producer £141; Swatragh
producer £131; Desertmartin producer £141;
Armagh producer £126.
Producer Incentive: There will be a £100
Northern Counties Farmware Store Voucher
to be won every month at both the Sheep
and Cattle Marts. January sponsor: NCCE Ltd
Country Store.
A good show of cattle was presented on
Monday, which was met with an excellent
trade for all types of cattle.
Bullocks to £2.45 per kilo for a Limousin
weighing 290kg at £710. Heifers sold to £2.23
per kilo for a Charolais weighing 356kg at
BULLOCKS - Maghera producer LIM, 290kg
at £710, 2.45p; Magherafelt producer LIM,
386kg at £935, 2.42p; LIM, 396kg at £940,
2.37p; Swatragh producer CH, 322kg at £760,
Maghera producer LIM, 474kg at £1050,
2.22p; LIM, 482kg at £1060, 2.20p; LIM, 536kg
at £1155, 2.15p; LIM, 488kg at £1020, 2.09p;
Garvagh producer CH, 490kg at £1045, 2.13p;
CH, 484kg at £995, 2.06p; CH, 524kg at £1000,
Moneymore producer SHB, 332kg at £730,
2.20p; SHB, 384kg at £795, 2.07p; SHB, 348kg at
£670, 1.93p; AA, 316kg at £670, 2.12p.
HEIFERS - Swatragh producer CH, 356kg
at £795, 2.23p; Maghera producer LIM, 382kg
at £800, 2.09p; CH, 402kg at £820, 2.04p; LIM,
544kg at £1060, 1.95p; LIM, 332kg at £625,
1.88p; AA, 236kg at £425, 1.80p; Swatragh
producer CH, 356kg at £740, 2.07p; CH, 395kg
at £785, 1.98p.
A super entry of 30 dairy stock met a ying
trade on Tuesday with calved heifers to a top
of £2380.
DAIRY STOCK - J Moore, Portstewart,
Calved Heifers to £2380, £2290 (Twice), £2260
(Twice); I Watson, Coagh, 2nd Calver to £2000,
SH 2nd Calver to £1890; Kilrea Farmer, Calved
Heifers to £1920, £1790, £1600; W Tweed,
Ballymoney, 2nd Calver to £1710;
Buchanans of Castlederg, Calved Heifers
to £1580, £1550; J Mackey, Ballyclare, Calved
Cow to £1480; A Hanna, Armoy, Batch of
Springing Heifers to £1470, £1380, £1310.


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