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INE weather was the order of the day
at Ecclesville’s Annual Summer Show
on Sunday, July 28 and the courses
built by Raymond Caldwell resulted
in very exciting jump-offs, as the pony
and horse riders competed to win the red
The rst jump-off of the day in the 128 Open
class was won by local girl Scarlett Knox
riding ‘Annie’ - they executed some great
turns and won the class in style! The 148 Open
class was won by Nadia Donnelly and ‘Fianne’,
who posted a time which could not be caught.
The Horse Open class was won by Freya
Sayle and ‘Melissa’, with Sandra Somerville
and ‘Chilled Magners’ taking the second place
The organisers would like to thank the
competitors for supporting the Show. Thanks
also go to Raymond Caldwell, Course Builder
and to Jennifer Leonard, who assisted in the
Judges Box.
Ecclesville Centre will be starting a veweek Show jumping league on Friday, August
16 at 6.15pm sharp, with a 40cm class followed
by 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 1m and 1.10
classes. For further information, contact
Sandra on 07990 541966 or Ecclesville on 028
8284 0591.
Sunday, July 28
Summer Show
Outdoor Arena
Newcomer Pony Class (Double Clears):
Shauna Murray, Softie; Veronica Kovacs,
AUGUST 01 2019
Summer Show at Ecclesville
NEWCOMERS: Veronica Kovacs on ‘Billy’;
Jennifer Leonard and Shauna Murray on
‘Softie’, winners of Newcomer Pony class at
the Ecclesville Summer Show. (FW31-539NN)
128 Novice Class (Double Clears): Shauna
Murray, Softie; Brooke Morrow, Roxy; Cara
Garrity, Henry; Amy McAnerney, Toby;
Scarlett Knox, Annie.
128 Open Class: 1) Scarlett Knox, Annie;
2) Brooke Morrow, Roxy; 3) Shauna Murray,
128 OPEN: Scarlett Knox and ‘Annie’, winners
of the 128 Open class at the Ecclesville
Summer Show. (FW31-540NN)
148 OPEN: Nadia Donnelly and ‘Fianne’,
winners of 148 Open class at the Ecclesville
Summer Show. (FW31-541NN)
138 Novice Class: No entries.
138 Open Class: No entries.
148 Novice Class (Double Clears): Sara
Boyle, Hey there Delilah; Ieuan Plant, Eglish
Stunner; Freya Sayle, Better than Dexter.
148 Open Class: 1) Nadia Donnelly, Fianne;
2) Zara McAnerney, Maxi; 3) Freya Sayle,
Better than Dexter.
Newcomer Horse Class (Double Clear):
Amy Knox, Cookie.
Novice Horse Class (Double Clears):
Maeve Kelly. Miraculous (H/C).
Open Horse Class: 1) Freya Sayle, Melissa;
2) Sandra Somerville, Chilled Magners.
Happy competitors at Dalways Dressage Day
HELPING HAND: Erin Dallas on ‘Polo’ gets a
helping hand from mum Adele Dallas at the
Mid Ulster gymkhana. (FW30-588NN)
CUTE: Anna Hunter on ‘Sparky’ competed
in the Fledglings class at the Mid Ulster
gymkhana. (FW30-586NN)
extended to Coreen
Abernethy for judging
the classes at the Dalways
Bawn Summer Dressage Day
on Sunday, July 28. It was
great to see so many new
combinations trying out at
dressage and, of course,
many familiar faces. Thank
you to all the competitors
and all those who helped on
the day.
Sunday, July 28
Intro assisted class: 1) Ellie
Robinson, Ruby; 2) Ellen
Robinson, Bobilicious; 3)
Saria Ogilvie, Bobilicious; 4)
Caleigh McAteer, Sweetwall
Intro: 1) Kerry Creighton,
Travis; 2) Amy Ferris, Part
Exchange; 3) Sarah Ross, Jet;
4) Kim Robinson, Sassy; 5)
Joanne Graham, Scooby; 6)
Puck Bravenboer, Sweetwall
Prelim: 1) Mandy Gillespie,
Ash Hill Smoothie; 2) Libby
Anderson, Puzzle; 3) Puck
Bravenboer, Sweetwall Xena;
4) Amy Ferris, Part Exchange;
5) Kim Robinson, Sassy;
6) Alison Smith, Ali’s rst
HAPPY: Puck Bravenboer and
‘Sweetwall Victor’ were happy
with their test at Dalways
Bawn. (FW31-516NN)
PATIENT: Kerry Creighton and
‘Travis’ wait patiently for their
turn at the Dalways Bawn
Dressage Day. (FW31-518NN)
WELL DONE: Caleigh McAteer
and ‘Sweetwall Bellboy’ smile
through their test at Dalways
Bawn. (FW31-517NN)
Ideal conditions for Mid Ulster gymkhana
ideal for the latest in
the series of summer
gymkhanas, organised by
the Mid Ulster Showjumpers
on the lands of Hugh Nicholl,
Hillhead Road, Castledawson.
The judges were Hugh
Nicholl, Nicola Henry and
Isobel Mawhinney.
The Show jumpers’ next
event will take place on
August 17, where there will
be also be a special jumping
class for mothers, in a
separate arena, away from
the usual classes.
Ponies - Junior Jumping:
1) Lily O’Neill, Coco; 2) Ellen
O’Neill, Coco.
Shannon, Blaze; Lily O’Neill,
Coco; Louise Clancy, Alex;
Darragh Martin, Indie; Anna
Hunter, Sparky; Ellen O’Neill,
Coco; Erin Dallas, Polo;
Matthew Morton, Rocky;
Bronwyn O’Neill, Toby.
Pony Warm Up: 1 (drawn
for) Sarah Bates, Dixie; Also
Rocky; Louise Clancy, Alex;
Iona McKay, Ruby; Darragh
Martin, Indie; Sammy-Lee
McClenaghan, Angel; William
Shannon, Blaze; Ellen O’Neill,
40cm Novice: 1) Iona
McKay, Ruby; 2) Matthew
Morton, Rocky; 3) Darragh
Martin, Indie.
Irish Dressage team sixth in German Nations Cup
1M: Katelyn Irvine jumping ‘Louis DC’ in the 1m to take first
place at Mid Ulster. (FW30-587NN)
PICTURES: courtesy of Lyndon McKee Photography
50cm Open: 1) Abbie
Harkness, Trinnie; 2) Annie
Morrow, Harry; 3) SammyLee McClenaghan, Angel.
60cm Novice: 1) Abbie
Harkness, Trinnie; 2) SammyLee McClenaghan, Angel; 3)
Jacob Lyle, Chardonay.
70cm Open: 1) Chloe
Stewart, Indy; 2) Kensey Watt,
Pippa; 3) Aine Clancy, Jack.
80cm Novice: 1) Aine
Clancy, Jack; 2) Sophie Boyce,
Champ; 3) Grace Morton,
90cm Open: 1) Katelyn
Irvine, Louis; 2) Christine
Dallas, Chello.
1 metre Open: 1) Katelyn
Irvine, Louis.
Horses - Warm Up: 1) Lucia
McNamee, Coco; 2) Sarah
McConnell, Ollie.
60cm Novice: 1) Lucia
McNamee, Coco; 2) Sarah
McConnell, Kate.
70cm Novice: 1) Sarah
McConnell, Kate; 2) Lucia
McNamee, Coco; 3) Shannon
Johnston, Poppy Duke.
80cm Open: 1) Trevor
Johnston, Dazzling Robbie;
Ballyskeagh Black Jack; 3)
Trevor Johnston, Autumn
90cm Open: 1) Trevor
Johnston, Dazzling Robbie;
Ballyskeagh Black Jack; 3)
Trevor Johnston, Autumn
HE Irish Dressage team of Anna Merveldt,
Heike Holstein and Judy Reynolds recorded
a hugely impressive sixth place nish in the
German Nations Cup in Aachen, with Kildare’s
Reynolds setting a new Irish record score in the
Grand Prix Special competition.
The Aachen Dressage Nations Cup took place
over two days, with scores from Thursday’s
opening Grand Prix competition added to
Friday’s Special to decide the nal placings.
All three Irish riders improved on their opening
day scores in the second round. Kildare’s Judy
Reynolds and the Joe and Kathleen Reynoldsowned Vancouver K set a new Grand Prix Special
Irish record score of 75.894% on their way to a
ninth place nish in the individual competition
– a result which qualies Reynolds for Sunday’s
Freestyle to Music.
Left, Judy
Reynolds and
K’ set a new
Irish record
in Aachen.
courtesy of
Joe Reynolds
“I’m thrilled and delighted with JP [Vancouver
K] he was so good,” Reynolds said. “There were
still a couple of things that we can improve on
but overall it was really good. There is a great
buzz here [in Aachen] about Ireland having a
team in the Nations Cup and lots of comments
about how strong a team we have put together. I
have qualied now for the Freestyle tomorrow so
really looking forward to that.”
Ireland’s Heike Holstein almost broke the 70%
barrier when scoring 69.851% with the Irish-bred
Sambuca to nish in 23rd place individually.
Ireland’s third team member Anna Merveldt
was close behind in 24th with Esporim after
producing another impressive score of 69.468%.
Germany claimed the Nations Cup winners prize
in front of their home fans ahead of Denmark in
second and USA in third. The individual victory
went to Germany’s Isabell Werth and Bella Rose


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