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AUGUST 01 2019
SJI pony jumping at Kernan’s
HE Pony
Show held
at Kernan
Crossmaglen on
Saturday, July 27
incorporated the
Michael Morrisey
National Pony
League, the Gateau
Stables Young Pony
Series and the SJI
Future Champions
The show kicked
off with the 60cm
and 70cm classes.
A special mention
must go to a double
winner in these two
classes - Jocelyn
Hutchinson and
‘Flight of Earls Alo’.
Jocelyn divided rst
in the 60cm class
and produced the
only double clear in
the 70cm class.
The rst jump off
148 1.20M: James Kernan congratulates John McEntee on ‘Wrenwood
Bambilino’ (first) and Niamh McEvoy on ‘Sparkling Boomerang’s Clover’
following the 148 1.20m class at Kernan’s. (FW31-560NN)
class, the 128 85cm
class, was won by
Johan Fitzpatrick
Burns and
‘Lisnagades Limited
Edition’. Second and
third places went
to Cillian Torrens
with ‘Tyrrells Pass
and ‘Tynan Petal’
First place in
the 138 1m class
128 60CM: Jocelyn Hutchinson, Keeva McElhennon, Eena Hamilton
and Connie McFadden, winners of the 128 60cm class at Kernan’s,
were presented with their prizes by Mary Mahon. (FW31-559NN)
went to the only
double clear,
Karen McFadden
and ‘Orfelia VD
Bisschop’. McFadden
Equine took both
rst and second
places in the 138
1.10m class, with
‘Curragh Dawn’,
ridden by Cara
McFadden and
‘Stocai Baine’, ridden
by Cormac Taggart.
The 148 1.10m and
148 1.20m classes
were dominated
by the McEntee
and McEvoy
young riders.
Katie McEntee and
‘Barravalley’ were
rst in the 148 1.10m
class, with John
McEntee second and
third on ‘Wrenwood
Bambalino’ and
‘Johnny Jinx’
Moving on to
the last class of
the day, the 148
1.20m, John was in
the ribbons again,
nishing up rst
and fourth. Niamh
McEvoy ended a
successful day with
her placings of
second on ‘Sparkling
Boomerangs Clover’,
third on ‘Sparkling
Mr Boombastic’ and
fth on ‘Milchem
Shes A Keeper’.
Kernan Equestrian
Centre wish to
extend their sincere
thanks to all those
taking part in the
day’s competition,
helping to make this
a very successful
xture in the pony
Saturday, July 27
Kernan Equestrian
Centre One Day
Pony Show
Ponies - 128 60cm
Newcomers: =1) P
Moore’s Heather
Molly, Keeva
McElhennon; L
Hutchinson’s Flight
of Earls Alo, Joycelyn
O Sharkey’s
Woodside Magic,
Eenna Hamilton; K
McFadden’s Charlie,
Connie McFadden.
128 70cm: 1) L
Hutchinson’s Flight
of Earls Alo, Jocelyn
128 80cm: =1)
O Diamond’s
Diamond’s Sunshine,
Eenna Hamilton; J
Fitzpatrick Burns’
Lisnagades Limited
Edition, Johan
Fitzpatrick Burns;
K McCracken’s Nely
Done That, Elizabeth
128 85cm: 1) J
Fitzpatrick Burns’
Lisnagades Limited
Edition, Johan
Fitzpatrick Burns;
2) L Torrens’
Cillian Torrens; 3) L
Torrens’ Tynan Petal,
Cillian Torrens.
128 90cm: No Clear
138 80cm: 1) P
Comey’s Dexter’s
Lady, Caitlin Comey.
138 90cm: =1)
C O’Donnell’s
Fear Bui Falcon,
Calum McVeigh;
A McCoosh’s Lily
Clover, Calum
McVeigh; P Lowe’s
Roughan Boy, Lucie
138 1m: 1) K
McFadden’s Orfelia
VD Bisschop, Cara
McFadden; 2)
McFadden Equine’s
Stocai Baine, Cormac
Taggart; 3) P Lowe’s
Left, Eileen
O’Boyle on
took part in
the 60cm
class at
RED RIBBON: Jenna Morton on ‘Misty’ won
the 60cm horse class at Castlewellan Show.
Also double clear: Lucas Bradley,
Charlie; Rebekah McKinstry, Bob; Courtney
McConnell, Molly.
60cm: 1) Aisling Cunningham, Daisy Sue; 2)
Julianna Nelson, Star; 3) Lucas Bradley, Flynn.
Also double clear: Mollie Goodwin, Sahara
Gold; Emma Kerr, Maddison; Callum McCory,
Indianna Jones; Aisling Gilchrist, Belle.
70cm: 1) Molly Maggorrian, Roxy; 2) Jessica
Wilson, Miss Akunamatta; 3) John Livingston,
Percy Jackson; 4) Faye Murphy, Max; 5)
Imogen Scott, Flash Harry; 6) Callum McClory,
Indiana Jones.
80cm: 1) Molly McGinn, Giggles; 2) Ruby
Kinkaid, Houdini; 3) Tierna Harper, Jessie;
4) Rachel Sands, Ten- a- Penny; 5) Rhianna
McKibben, Jackson; 6) Sam Hamilton, Creegan
90cm: 1) Ruby Kinkaid, Houdini; 2) Rhianna
McKibben, Jackson; 3) Molly Maggorrian,
Roxy; 4) Anna Murray, The Jackson Five; 5)
Tierna Harper, Jessie; 6) Rebekah McKinstry,
Cornhill Rose.
1m: 1) Anna Murray, The Jackson Five; 2)
Rebekah McKinstry, Cornhill Rose.
60cm: 1) Jenna Morton, Misty; 2) Eileen
O’Boyle, Noodles.
70cm: 1) Luka Doran, Bob; 2) Donna Barron,
Rogan Boy, Lucie
McIlhatton; 4) A
Boville’s Buster,
Shannon Boville; 5)
McFadden Equine’s
Cullach Dawn, Cara
138 1.10m: 1)
McFadden Equine’s
Cullagh Dawn,
Cara McFadden; 2)
McFadden Equine’s
Stocai Baine, Cormac
148 90cm: =1) C
Forbes’ Gortlemon
Isabelle, Emma
Forbes; G Haughey’s
Sahara Storm, Ava
Haughey; C Ward’s
Prince Luca, Tegan
148 1m: =1) C
Forbes’ Rainbow’s
Emma Forbes;
E McCaffrey’s
Bungi, Freya
Sayle; McFadden
Equine’s Innity,
Cara McFadden; G
Haughey’s Sahara
Storm, Ava Haughey.
148 1.10m: 1) J
Reape’s Barravalley
Shadow, Katie
McEntee; 2) S
Babes’ Wrenwood
Bambilino, John
McEntee; 3) J
Kernan’s Johnny
Jinx, John McEntee;
4) Sparkling Equine’s
Sparkling Mr
Boombastic, Niamh
148.1.20m: 1) S
Babes’ Wrenwood
John McEntee;
2) Sparkling
Equine’s Sparkling
Boomerang’s Clover,
Niamh McEvoy;
3) Sparkling
Equine’s Sparkling
Mr Boombastic,
Niamh McEvoy; 4)
J Kernan’s Johnny
Jinx, John McEntee;
5) V Gulliksen’s
Milchem Shes A
Keeper, Niamh
Muff Festival gymkhana
at Lenamore Stables
Fantastic show jumping at Castlewellan
HERE was a fantastic day’s jumping
at Castlewellan Show, organised by
Mossvale Riding Club.
Next up is the Mossvale Riding Club’s
Summer Show jumping Show on Saturday,
August 3 at 10am, then the Working Hunter
Show with NIF Qualiers on Saturday, August
24 at 10am.
Show jumper Of the Year returns on Sunday,
September 1 at 10am (details to follow). This is
open to NI Riding Club members only.
All these shows will be held at Mossvale
Equestrian Centre, Dromara.
Saturday, July 13
Show jumping at Castlewellan Show
Cross-poles: 1) Katie Walker, Blaze; 2)
Charlie Black, Freddie; 3) Charlotte Hanna,
Also double clears: Cillian Lavery, Nina;
Lauren Hamill, New Oak Honeymoon; Erin
McCready, Mount pleasant Poppet; Abigail
Buckley, Mount Pleasant Poppet; Lucy Baird,
Pinky; Emma Baird, Pinky; CJ O’Brien, Pepsie
40cm: 1) C J O’Brien, Pepsi O’Brien.
50cm: 1) Hannah Orr, Humbug; 2) Chloe
Walker, Blaze; 3) Aisling Gilchrist, Belle.
128 70CM: Linda Fahey presents Jocelyn
Hutchinson on ‘Flight of Earls Alo’ with their
prize for winning the 128 70cm class at
Kernan’s. (FW31-561NN)
LENAMORE Stables, Muff, Co. Donegal,
will be hosting the Annual Muff Festival
Gymkhana on Sunday, August 4. This is
always a popular event and there are terric
trophies on offer in every class, from Tiny
Tots Lead Rein showing right up to 1.10m
show jumping!
90CM: Ruby Kinkaid on ‘Houdini’ winning the
90cm class at Castlewellan Show.
WARM UP: Sophie Sloan on ‘Little Me’
warming up in the practice arena at
Castlewellan Show. (FW31-504NN)
Dreamer; 3) Emily Murphy, Cassie.
80cm: 1) Luka Doran, Bob; 2) Jemma Horrox,
Mount Pleasant Capal; 3) Claire McIlveen,
RIA; 4) Sharon Madine, Magel Angel; 5) Annie
O’Hare, Brieffy Boy the 2nd; 6) Roberta
Hampton, Joey.
90cm: 1) Kirsty McDowell, Dylan; 2) Ruth
Baird, Untouchable Lady; 3) Darragh Baldwin,
Brandy; 4) Roberta Hampton, Joey; 5) Michael
Hardy, He’s the Lad; 6) Michaela Murphy,
1m: 1) Kevin McNally, Skylight; 2) Katie Gill,
Keizer; 3) John Joe McCrickard, Bridge Rock;
4) Kirsty McDowell, Dylan.
Showing classes will start at 11.30am with
the Tiny Tots Lead Rein, followed by First
Ridden, 14.2 and under Riding class and
Riding Horse class.
Show jumping will begin at 2pm, with
Cross-Poles, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm,
90cm, 1m and 1.10m.
Organisers would like to thank all of the
sponsors: Tisha’s Chip Van; Callaghan’s
Shop, Burt; Arbuckle Auto Repairs;
Lenamore Stables; Glenkeen Furnishings;
North West Farriers; Elsa Chambers;
McDaid’s Quarry; Whitehouse Veterinary
Clinic; and Lenamore Sporthorses.
Entry is €8 per class or €15 for two classes.
For more details, please contact Geraldine
on 07968 180782.
Go As You Please
at Dirraw Farm
Community will hold a ride at Dirraw Farm
go as you please cross-country and hacking
trail on Sunday, August 11. First horses will
go out at 12, last horses at 1pm. The ride is
suitable for all abilities - fences range from
60cm up to 1.10m. For those not wishing to
jump, hack round at your own pace taking
in the scenery, the hacking trail is approx
three miles from start to nish and is
suitable to canter or gallop on.
The fee for the ride is £15 for members
and under 16s, and £20 for non-members.
Refreshments will be served afterwards.
Photographer, Gareth O’Brien will be
present on the day. The address is Dirraw
Road, Finvoy, Ballymoney.
Please contact Paddy Traynor directly on
07719 677361 if more information is needed.


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