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MAY 09 2019
No room for
‘maybe’ at ice
cream farm
HY keep on using Ecosyl silage
additive for well over 20 years
when so many other products
are on offer?
The question that provoked
a sound and simple answer from County
Down dairy farmer and ice cream producer
Gareth Taylor.
“Ecosyl not only works consistently for
us, but have been proven in almost three
dozen independent trails on beef and dairy
farms nationwide.
“Our integrated business puts quality ice
cream, made with milk from the Glastry
Holstein Herd, on retail shelves and
restaurant menus every day of the year.
There is no room for error in silage making
just as much as in our choice of genetics
or food technology behind award winning
Glastry Farm Ice Cream.
“Using an additive that may be working or
may be not is never an option!
“Ecosyl, the most tested and proven
silage additive, has been used here since
before I joined my father, Will, in the
business back in 1992.
“Not only does silage keep in the pit and
diet feeder, but the quality is consistent at
around 12ME. As regards breeding we are
selecting bulls for fat and protein more
than yield.”
Commenting, Raymond Bready of
Thompson Feed Innovation noted that no
matter how good the blended or compound
feeds, silage is the basis of dairy herd
Currently the Glastry Pedigree Holstein
Herd is averaging 9,500 litres with some
exceptional protein and fat levels for the
breed. Currently protein is 3.45 per cent
and butterfat 4.45 per cent with protein
hitting up to 3.66%.
Farming on the lower Ards Peninsula,
where drought can be a problem, Will and
Gareth aim for a first cut in by the end of
April. If not, there is a risk of dry weather
burning up first cut. And unless the ground
is cleared second cut recovery times will
just keep slipping back, a major problem
for some in the 2018 dry summer.
Watching a Slovenian apple grower add value
by producing and marketing high quality cider
my thoughts turned to adding value to our milk
Will Taylor OBE
POPULAR: Glastry Farm Ice Cream is available in almost 20 flavours and much enjoyed
by Gareth Taylor, left and Raymond Bready from Thompson Feed Innovation. At least half
a dozen sorbets are also produced on the family farm near Kircubbin on the lower Ards
Peninsula in County Down.
For over 16 years the 300 strong Glastry
Herd has been milked three times a day
at 4.30am, noon and 7.30pm. Gareth
explained that at one stage three times a
day milking was only for part of the year.
“But year round three times a day makes
sound business sense though our double
10 DeLaval parlour is in need of an upgrade.
As we consolidate our operations it is top
of the list for a step forward.”
Both grass and maize silage are made
with cousin Paul Angus, the contractor
of choice, delighted that Volac Ecosyl
additives are used on both crops.
Ecosyl suits ULV (ultra low volume)
application so a two litre pack with ULV
application at 20ml per tonne can treat 100
tonne of grass. Gone are the days of carting
water to the forage harvester in the field.
Now contractors can set off for the day
with half a dozen Ecosyl bottles in their
Volac Ecosyl 100 contains the beneficial
bacteria Lactobacillus plantarum MTD/1
for improving fermentation in clamped
grass silage and legumes.
The Volac Ecocool combines Lactobacillus plantarum MTD/1 with a second
bacterium, Lactobacillus buchneri PJB/1,
for reduced heating and spoilage in drier
silages such as maize, wholecrop cereals,
and higher dry matter grass.
Aside from Glastry Farm Ice Cream, the
Taylors are now marketing around 60
heifers a year with considerable success
due to good breeding and excellent feeding.
Their ice cream business began when
Will Taylor, past President of the Ulster
Farmers’ Union, a role that led to the award
of an OBE, visited Slovenia on a study tour.
“Watching a Slovenian apple grower add
value by producing and marketing high
quality cider my thoughts turned to adding
value to our milk,” Will recalled.
“That led to launching Glastry Farm Ice
Cream in 2007 with advice from Loughry
College food technologists.
“Then came the challenge of gaining
market share, a role I took on as Gareth was
totally involved managing the dairy herd.
With backing from local hotels, restaurants
and the Henderson group of Spar and Vivo
convenience stores, Glastry was ahead of
the field in putting local farm ice cream on
menus and meal tables.
“More recently Glastry Farm Ice Cream
has been chosen for Aldi supermarkets
across the Irish Republic. Further sales
successes outside Northern Ireland are in
the pipeline.”
From Will and Gareth’s successes there
is one key message for farmers seeking
improved animal performance and profit.
Ecosyl, the proven additive from Volac, has
a key role to play in making more money
from your 2019 silage.
For more information contact Ecosyl
distributors Thompsons Feeding
Innovation on (028) 9035 1321 or
browse www.ecosyl.com
CONSISTENT: Gareth Taylor, left and Raymond Bready, Thompsons, admire the
consistently good silage made with the Volac range of Ecosyl additives at Glastry Farm.


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