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MAY 09 2019
farm energy
from Calor
NNOVATION and sustainability are at
the core of farming and it is this desire
to consistently adapt and evolve
within the farming sector which
makes it one of Northern Ireland’s
greatest assets. Energy is a major factor in
the success with efficiency, economy and
sustainability key attributes.
Calor energy consultants work closely
with farmers and businesses to provide
tailored energy solutions across the agricultural sector, offering a range of low
carbon energy solutions including Calor
LPG and 100 per cent renewable BioLPG.
Calor, as a leading supplier of LPG in
Northern Ireland, has worked with dairy
farmers for years, to design systems
that optimise the way they carry out
work on-farm. Dairy farming, by its very
nature, can be an expensive enterprise,
considering rising electricity costs and
expensive day rates for heating water.
Another important consideration for the
dairy farming community is hygiene, and
vast quantities of hot water are required
every day to wash milk lines and bulk milk
storage tanks.
Calor is the only energy supplier to
guarantee a reliable and infinite supply of
hot water at 85°C on demand, through its
instant water heaters. The temperature
that is achieved by the heaters offers
the ideal solution for dairy farmers, who
require water at 85°C to facilitate Voluntary
Milking Systems (VMS).
Calor-powered Rinnai water heaters are
the only ‘A rated’ instant water-heating
currently available in Northern Ireland.
Rinnai water heaters are highly efficient,
and as water is heated only when required,
hot water storage costs are eliminated.
Calor representatives have worked
with dairy farmers for years to design
wash down systems that work for their
dairy farms to help to drive down their
costs and increase their environmental
sustainability, in turn reducing their
carbon footprint.
It’s not just dairy farmers that can
experience the full benefits of Calor LPG
products. Calor is delighted to attend this
year’s Balmoral Show from May 15-18. As
the largest agri-food show in the country,
it looks forward to meeting farmers
from every aspect of Northern Ireland’s
agricultural sector.
For pig farmers, Calor gas acts as the
perfect energy solution for heating rearing
sheds. For poultry farmers, Calor gas
powered heaters burn efficiently and
cleanly, producing just the right amount
of moisture to encourage rapid, even
feathering, and faster weight gain. Calor
gas is also the cleaner efficient fuel for
mobile and on-site grain drying.
The Balmoral Show will also be an
opportunity for visitors to learn about
Calor’s new BioLPG product, a renewable
gas that reduces carbon emissions by up
to 90 per cent. Calor is the first supplier to
bring renewable LPG to Northern Ireland
and will be showcasing how it can be used
for business and leisure.
So, drop in to B32 and they will be happy
to show you how Calor can help you in
your home, farm or business.
Calor energy consultants work closely with
farmers and businesses to provide tailored
energy solutions right across the agricultural


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