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NOVEMBER 09 2017
JK Genetics has an embryo to suit every
MBRYO transfer is a
technique that is now
finding favour with
pedigree and commercial
dairy farmers. This now
proven technology is helping
herdowners advance the
pace of genetic improvement
within their businesses at an
acceptable level of cost.
Helping to drive this process
on here in Northern Ireland
is County Tyrone-based JK
Genetics. Owned by Jonathan
Kelso, who is closely associated
with the renowned Moree
Holstein herd, the company was
established 12 months ago.
“We are an embryo marketing
organisation, involved in the
sale and sourcing of embryos
worldwide,” he said. “Our aim is
to provide customers with the
genetics that suit them at the
best possible value.”
Jonathan explained that JK
Genetics will source and supply
four main types of embryos for
“Obviously, we will supply
elite embryos for those highend pedigree herdowners, who
want to drive genomic progress
forward as quickly as possible,”
he said.
“Linked to this is the use
of embryos that can help
herdowners here in Northern
Ireland start new cow families.
An example of this is the work
we did with County Antrim
Holstein breeder Conor Casey in
establishing the Georgia Family.
This has resulted in numerous
bulls entering AI.
“We are also able to supply
embryos for those commercial
farmers who want to produce
good milking cows, but with
the desire to speed up the level
of genomic improvement they
wish to secure within their
“We also provide stopper
embryos to farmers with
healthy cows that keep
repeating. This is now
recognised as a very efficient
way of maintaining cows
with tremendous production
potential within a milking group.
“We use embryos produced
by cows within the Moree herd
for this purpose. In all cases we
will discuss the breeding needs
of the customer and reflect this
fully in the embryos supplied.”
Currently, JK Genetics is
sourcing a selection of the best
dairy genetics available from
breeders around the world. This
includes red and white plus
polled Holstein bloodlines.
“There is also a growing
demand for sexed embryos,
which we can also supply,” said
Recent successes achieved
by JK Genetics include the
sourcing of Seanacourt Solomon
Frosty. The Solomon daughter
did tremendously well at a
number of shows, including
Tullamore, last year in the
Republic of Ireland.
Hallow Dorman Abrakazoo 1
and Hallow Abrakazoo 2, also
sourced by JK Genetics, were
the Champion and Reserve
Champion at the Irish National
YMA Calf Show in 2017.
Other achievements by
Jonathan include the marketing
of the embryos from a JK
Genetics-owned animal to breed
the No. 1 and No. 2 GPLI polled
females. These were from a
former No1 GPLI in-milk animal:
A red carrier, Label P member
of the Larcrest Cosmopolitan
Over the past number of
months, Jonathan has sold
embryos to customers in
Northern Ireland, the Republic
of Ireland, France, the USA
and Canada. He has recently
returned from the World Dairy
Expo, where JK Genetics had its
own successful trade stand.
Jonathan concluded:
“Successful implantation rates
with embryos can be as high
as 70 per cent. But as a rule
of thumb, expect two calves
ABOVE: Jonathan Kelso, of JK Genetics, with his daughters four-year-old Katie and two-yearproduced from every four
old Mia. The ET calf featured is a Hill Modesty: Label Crimson P RC cross. The dam is the
embryos implanted.”
Number 1 PLI polled in-milk heifer in the UK. The calf’s two full ET sisters are the Number 1
o For further information,
contact Jonathan Kelso on
07729 218118.
and Number 2 genomically tested polled GPLI heifers in the UK. Soon to be available from JK
Genetics will be a wide range of top quality offerings, including sexed Jordy Red Embryos from
Luck E Awesome Jewel and embryos from the highest GTPI service age sister to the Number
Net Merit sire in world – Hurtgenlea Richard Charl.


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