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NOVEMBER 09 2017
CTOBER is always a very
busy month for the ladies of
the Women’s Institute. Their
meetings have recommenced in
September and by the following month
the members are ready to get out and
about and get involved in Federation
I must start by apologising for not
having mentioned that one of our
members, Jennifer Ann Marshall from
Eglinton WI, was awarded an MBE in
the latest Queen’s Birthday Honours
List. The award was for Services to
Education. Congratulations to Jennifer
and we await seeing a photograph of
the presentation in our monthly Ulster
Countrywoman Magazine.
Following my return from the ACWW
European Conference in Romania I was
delighted to be able to join the ladies
of our longest-established institute
at Garvagh to celebrate their 85th
anniversary. The function was held
in the Brown Trout Inn and the toast
to the Federation was proposed by
Helen Livingston, a former Federation
The following weekend was the City
of Belfast Autumn Flower Show held
in Botanic Gardens. As part of the
Women’s Institute display we organise
a competition and we are delighted that
this year it was entered by nine different
institutes and one area group.
The display, which has to fit onto a
card table, was on the theme of Season
of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness and
had to incorporate an item of stump
work, an adult knitted shawl, four apple
squares, a Dundee cake and a floral
display. The overall winner was Ben
Madigan Institute with Ballywalter being
awarded second place and Pomeroy
Busy time for WI members as activities recommence
A monthly
blog from
The Federation and Area Groups
regularly organise one-day schools to
let members try and develop various
skills. There have been a couple held
recently at headquarters, one organised
by the Arts Committee for calligraphy
and acrylic painting, and the second
organised by the Magazine and Leisure
Committee for scrapbooking. These
events always prove very enjoyable for
our members.
The Federation’s Festival of the
Spoken Word, formerly known as our
Speech Festival, was held this year in
October in Ballygawley Presbyterian
Church Hall. There were 17 contestants
from eight different areas who took part
in the various classes.
Very constructive adjudication was
provided by the Adjudicator, Geradine
McGivern, and the standard was so high
that two of our members were awarded
full marks for their entries. They were
Nancy Orr from Armoy for her recital of
a poem by an Irish poet, namely “God
Has Never Gone On Strike” by John
Henderson, and Anna Murphy from
Kells and Connor Institute for her poem
written by a WI member namely “The
Sales”. Well done to all who took part.
The following Saturday saw the
members travel to the Killyhevlin Hotel
in the Erne area to enjoy the World
Rural Women’s Day event organised
by our International Committee in the
morning followed by the Autumn Council
Meeting that afternoon.
The guest speaker for the World
Rural Women’s Day was Anne Marit
Hovstad from Norway, who is the
current Chairman of the ACWW
Projects Committee. The committee is
ABOVE: Dean Kenneth Hall, Beth Irwin, Vice Chairman, Elsie Loughlin, Treasurer,
celebrating its 40th anniversary this
Lady Anthony Hamilton, President, Councillor Stephen McCann, Chairman of
year and has, to date, supported 1,000
Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, Elizabeth Warden, Federation Chairman,
projects in various areas of the world.
and Monsignor Peter O’Reilly.
Anne Marit was able to give an up-todate report on several of the projects
different upbringings on either side
Looking ahead, four of our institutes
which have been supported by our
of the community and their amusing
are celebrating special anniversaries
reflection on their preparation for
in November and I have been delighted
There was also a report from the
the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee visit to
to receive an invitation to attend a
delegates about our recent visit to the
Enniskillen in 2012. The speakers
centenary reception for the SWI in
ACWW European Area Conference in
continued by updating the ladies about
Edinburgh Castle.
their work following
the visit, building
Many of us have now held our
The Chairman of Fermanagh and
services of thanksgiving for the Harvest
WS community ties in the Enniskillen area.
Omagh District Council brought the NE
Sadly, in my report
I have
but sadly all of the crops have not yet
OUT had to
greetings of the council to the Autumn
the closure
of three of our
been safely gathered in. I wish the
Visit Castle
OWEN KELLY announce
Michael Boyd
Council Meeting held that afternoon.
answers Lenaderg,
Omagh and
UFU every success as they prepare for
shores of
e look
Various trophies were presented, uniqu
at Ulster
IT issuesthree institutes represent
Claudy. onThe
their centenary celebrations and try to
country life
including the award of the Macausland
170 years of WI activities. We do hope
support our farming community through
Rosebowl to the Glenarm Institute as
that at least some of their members will
these difficult times.
the Institute of the Year.
transfer to neighbouring institutes.
The guest speakers for the afternoon
The speakers were very positive
o Contact details: WI Headquarters,
were the Very Reverend Dean Kenneth

about the valuable work
which our
209/211 Lisburn Road, Belfast, BT10
Hall and the Right Reverend Monsignor
organisation does and encouraged us
0LL, telephone 028 90 301506 or 028
Peter O’Reilly, who told of their very
to continue with our good work.
90 601781, website www.wini.org.uk
MARCH 21 2008
Artisan Food Hero:
page 22
page 23
page 24

FUN: Heather, Thomas
and Matthew Gilmour
Ballymoney, try out
some of the toy
tractors at John
McElderry (Motors
Tractors) open day.
12 x 3 advert
Answers to
last week’s
o 6 slices of
streaky bacon.
7) Holiday resort.
8) Herdsman.
9) Ouph.
10) No fear.
12) Cattle.
14) reject.
16) Lupine.
20) Tent pegs.
22,3&18) State
of the art farm
1, Wrap one slice
around 2cm pipe.
2, Place in a 180
degrees oven and bake
until golden.
3, Remove from pipe.
4, Serve with cream
cheese or other filling on
a bed of your choice, for
example, bacon potato
OP chef Mark Abbott developed
highly innovative potato recipes
for the Great British Menu. He was
invited by the local Potato Stakeholder
Promotion Group to create these recipe
as part of the recent Causeway Potato
Mark Abbott grew up in Antrim aiming
to be a farmer. He developed a love of
farming on his uncle’s beef and sheep
farm in County Antrim at weekends and
during the school holidays. Mark was
eventually persuaded by his father to look
instead at a career in food preparation
and arranged for him to gain work
experience in the kitchen of the Dunadry
He has since worked with some of
the biggest names in the industry such
as Michael Dean, Andrew Fairlie at
Gleneagles and Paul Kitching at 21212.
He is currently the head chef at Daniel
Clifford’s two Michelin starred restaurant
Midsummer House based in Cambridge.
1&9 down) Tomato variety
grown on “Paddy’s Milestone”
7) A tor pals find pertaining to
pasture land (8)
8) From Glycol I catch stomach
pain (5)
10) Can be more than double
rate for relief milker (6-4)
12) Long sheep from the hills
14) From the cow, hey, I got
milk by-product (4)
16) Company raised to
construct hen house (4)
17) Take a wild swing at the
tedding implement (8)
20) Wild Geranium found in
Heron’s beak (10)
23) see6
24) Superfluous animal
medication (8)
25) The lad ultimately
becomes fully grown (5)
1) Luminous electrical discharge
with convulsive motion in Northern
region (6)
2) see 16 down
3) Some jam beaten into side of
door post (4)
4&22) Hill country by the sound of
it (5-4)
5) see 11
6&23 across) Wooly youngsters
9) see 1 across
11&5) From biblical city I oar ketch
out to find vegetable (9-9)
13&21) Beverage garden shrub
15&19) Not large milk producers
16&2) Larvae saliva falsely
attributed to migratory bird (6-4)
18) Apple that may erode round
South East (6)
19) see 15
21) see 13
1) Dolesome.
2) Kindle.
4) Ironical.
5) Escort.
6&11) Crop
13) Land girl.
15) Estate.
17) Puppet.
19) Nett.
21) Nits.


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