24 September 2020 - Page 57

A seasonal show of 630 head was presented
on Saturday. An entry of over 120 ewes was
met with a good trade topping at £98 for six
Almost 350 spring lambs were presented for
sale, receiving a strong trade, topping at £107
for several lots. Breeders were also a great
trade topping at £185 for 3 ewes with twin
MAY 31 2018
lambs 21kg at £94.50, 4.50p;
Kilrea producer 1 lamb 21kg at £95.20, 4.53p;
Swatragh producer 16 lambs 20.5kg at £93.20,
4.55p; Draperstown producer 6 lambs 20kg at
£92.80, 4.64p;
Ballymoney producer 9 lambs 21.3kg at
£95.80, 4.50p; Coleraine producer 11 lambs
21kg at £92.50, 4.40p.
FAT EWES - Ballymoney producer; 6 ewes at
£98.00; Coleraine producer; 2 ewes at £96.00;
Ballymoney producer; 2 ewes at £92.
Producer Incentive: There will be a £100
Northern Counties Farmware Store Voucher
to be won every month at both the Sheep
and Cattle Marts. May sponsor – NFU Mutual
A smaller seasonal show of cattle was
presented on Monday, which was met with a
strong, steady trade for the cattle on offer.
Store heifers sold to £985 for an Aberdeen
Angus weighing 502kg. Bullocks sold to £1320
for a Charolais weighing 556kg. Cows sold to
£700 for a Limousin weighing 582kg.
Top price per kilo:
Heifers – Garvagh producer; AA, 502kg at
£985, 1.96p
Bullocks – Limavady producer; CH,384kg at
£1070, 2.71p
HEIFERS - Swatragh producer LIM, 340kg
at £730, 2.15p; LIM, 390kg at £770, 1.97p; LIM,
420kg at £815, 1.94p; CH, 440kg at £800, 1.82p;
CH, 512kg at £900, 1.76p; Swatragh producer
LIM, 422kg at £985, 2.33p; Maghera producer
LIM, 420kg at £760, 1.81p; LIM, 432kg at £800,
1.85p; Garvagh producer AA, 858kg at £985,
1.15p; AA, 502kg at £985, 1.96p; Garvagh
producer HER, 498kg at £775, 1.56p; LIM,
456kg at £830, 1.82p; LIM, 448kg at £885,
BULLOCKS - Limavady producer CH, 572kg
at £1290, 2.26p; CH, 384kg at £1070, 2.79p; CH,
556kg at £1320, 2.37p; LIM, 488kg at £1155,
Garvagh producer AA, 306kg at £820, 2.68p;
AA, 288kg at £750, 2.60p; AA, 360kg at £860,
2.39p; AA, 556kg at £1245, 2.24p; AA, 368kg
at £940, 2.55p; AA, 532kg at £1160, 2.18p; AA,
524kg at £1050, 2.00p; CH, 438kg at £1015,
2.32p; AA, 552kg at £1265, 2.29p; LIM, 540kg
at £1095, 2.03p; AA, 522kg at £1260, 2.41p; AA,
372kg at £870, 2.34p; AA, 298kg at £780, 2.62p;
AA, 370kg at £890, 2.41p;
Kilrea producer LIM, 342kg at £800, 2.34p;
LIM, 378kg at £1010, 2.67p; LIM, 332kg at £920,
2.77p; LIM, 346kg at £870, 2.51p; LIM, 316kg at
£580, 1.84p.
GENERATION GAME: 11 year old Norman Morrow enjoyed accompanying his grand-dad Norman
Morrow, Caledon, to the Clogher Valley Livestock Mart Saturday cattle sale.
lambs at foot.
HEAVY LAMBS - Draperstown producer 1
lamb 26kg at £107, 4.12p; Kilrea producer 1
lamb 28kg at £107, 3.82p; Kilrea producer 2
lambs 23.3kg at £105.80, 4.55p; 5 lambs 23.3kg
at £105.80, 4.55p; Limavady producer 2 lambs
25kg at £105, 4.20p; Kilrea producer 3 lambs
24kg at £104, 4.33p;
Coleraine producer 3 lambs 24.6kg at
£103.80, 4.22p; Garvagh producer 3 lambs
23kg at £103.20, 4.49p; Kilrea producer 3
lambs 25.3kg at £103, 4.07p; Maghera producer
2 lambs 23kg at £102.80, 4.47p; Castledawson
producer 4 lambs 23.3kg at £102.80, 4.42p;
Cookstown producer 13 lambs 22.3kg at
£101.50, 4.55p; Maghera producer 1 lamb 25kg
at £101, 4.04p; Innishrush producer 3 lambs
22.3kg at £101, 4.53p; Ballymoney producer
5 lambs 22kg at £100.50, 4.57p; Maghera
producer 6 lambs 22.6kg at £100.20, 4.43p;
Tobermore producer 1 lamb 23kg at £100,
4.35p; Magherafelt producer 2 lambs 22.5kg
at £100, 4.44p; Magherafelt producer 6 lambs
23.3kg at £100, 4.29p;
Upperlands producer 5 lambs 22.8kg at
£98.50, 4.32p; Cookstown producer 6 lambs
21kg at £98.20, 4.68p.
LIGHT LAMBS - Dungiven producer 11
lambs 20.5kg at £98.20, 4.79p; Desertmartin
producer 1 lamb 20kg at £98.20, 4.91p;
Desertmartin producer 6 lambs 21.3kg at
£96.20, 4.52p; Limavady producer 7 lambs
20.3kg at £91.00, 4.49p; Maghera producer 3
Lambs remain a steady trade. Great demand
on ewes and lambs.
FAT LAMBS - S Murray £115/28kg, £112/26kg,
£110/24kg, Robert McAdoo £114/37kg,
£110/26kg, John ODonnell £110/22lg, Gary
McAdoo £109/28kg, £107.50/24kg, W Lyttle
Gerard McBride £106/22kg, Alynn Gillis
£105/24kg, Aubrey McKelvey £104/22kg, N
Jackson £102/21kg, John McConnell £101/22kg,
Raymond McTeague £100/20kg, Uel Barnes
E Steele £100/21kg, Kenneth Hopper
£99/22kg, Michael McGlade £99/20kg, James
OHagan £98/19kg, D Martin £97.50/21kg, John
Beattie £95/20kg, John ODonnell £95/20kg,
Damien Logue £87/19kg.
FAT EWES - E Grimes £102, Robert McAdoo
£92, £90, Kennedy Hunter £89, S Mullan £87, G
Lennox £86, John ODonnell £80, R Cooke £80,
S Martin £80, James OHagan £80.
EWES & LAMBS - Sean McEldwoney £205,
Seamus Kelly £202, Francis Cushenan £198,
Raymond Robinson £198, Sean McEldowney
£190, Niall Donaghey £190, £180, Seamus Kelly
Raymond Robinson £185, Marie McElduff
£185, £150, Raymond Robinson £182, Niall
Donaghey £180, £180, Francis Cushenan £175,
Seamis Kelly £172, S Martin £165, £165, £150,
Damien Kirk £155.


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