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NOVEMBER 23 2017
Meet the Team at Rural Support
NAME: Lorraine Holloway-McCarney
FROM: County Tyrone
ORRAINE joined Rural Support
as a volunteer in September.
Originally from a rural area
in County Clare, she was
employed in the financial
services sector in New York for eight
years in various roles specialising in
customer service, financial advice and
event management.
Lorraine has been living in County
Tyrone for the past 16 years and is
passionate about the rural community.
She has previously studied for her
MSc in Communications with Strategic
Management for Rural Business
from CAFRE and Queen’s University,
Belfast, and is currently working on
her PhD thesis in Rural Sociology at
spent my childhood helping out at
neighbouring family farms of which I
This encouraged me to gain an MSc.
in Communications, with Strategic
Management for Rural Business
at CAFRE to understand rural
sustainability after I received my BA
(Hons) in Business Management.
It was this insight of rural issues
that encouraged me to carry on with
my current PhD research through
Queen’s University, Belfast, in Rural
Sociology in order to discuss and
address any rural issues that may
benefit rural dwellers.
Q) Why did you decide to get
involved with Rural Support?
A) I am really looking forward to
helping out as a volunteer for Rural
Support as I really enjoy talking and
listening to individuals, especially
on all things that are affecting rural
dwellers in Northern Ireland. It will
also help me as a researcher to
understand the needs of those living
in rural areas but will also enable me
to give back to rural communities
through offering support or services
to those that are in need.
A) I decided to get involved with
Rural Support as it has long been
an ambition of mine to volunteer.
I feel it is not only beneficial on a
personal level by giving back to local
communities but it is also important
as it enhances communities. Rural
Support is an exceptional charity to
do this.
Q) What has been your previous
experience in the agricultural
A) I am originally from a rural
background in County Clare and
Q) What do you most look forward
to in your role with Rural Support?
Lorraine’s PhD topic will be based
on the perceptions of farmers in
Northern Ireland to understand and
appreciate the current challenges
associated with the prospect of
ROLE: Volunteer
transitioning out of the industry
through retirement, succession or
transfer so as to inform future rural
development policies.
Lorraine would be delighted to hear
from anyone that would be willing to
participate in this research.
The data will be collected via
semi-structured interviews that will
be taking place in early 2018. The
participants that are needed are
aged 50+ from any region in Northern
The research will be ethically
approved by Queen’s University,
Belfast, and is funded by the
Department of Agriculture,
Environment and Rural Affairs
It will be a great opportunity for
anyone in the farming community to
share their thoughts and opinions
on current policies and programmes
on many topics from succession,
inheritance to retirement.
If you would like to take part in this
research or if you have any questions
or ideas, the researcher would be
delighted to hear from you.
Please contact: Lorraine
Holloway-McCarney, email
Rural Support provides a listening
ear and signposting service for
farmers and rural families. Its
helpline (0845 606 7 607) is available
9am to 9pm, Monday to Friday
(voicemail and support options
available at all other times).


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