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ITH the
extremes are
becoming more
of a norm. Many
companies and
organisations in both
the private and public
sector must consider
what equipment they
need to tackle a harsh
winter season. County
Antrim manufacturer
Quad-X have designed
and developed a range
of ATV equipment to
deal with ice and snow
The Quad-X True
Grit is a commercial
spec salt spreader
range, developed
in response to the
need for a small
scale commercial
machine popular
with amenities, large
companies, farms
and hire companies.
This spreader is
capable of spreading
damp salt thanks to
the feed mechanism
continually pushing
material forward,
irrespective of
moisture and
consistency, all to
help prevent clogging
and facilitate an even
spread of salt.
The machine is
Gear up for ice and snow
available in various
capacities and models
including from 130L in
a towed model, and up
to 600L in a mounted
model, suitable for
pick-up trucks.
Spreading can be
activated from inside
your vehicle and
spread width can
be adjusted thanks
to a user friendly
control unit giving
precise control during
operation. With an
adjustable spinner
position, spread can
be offset to the left or
Quad-X also offer
an ATV mounted
salt spreader, in 60L
capacity. The 60L
model fits to the rear
rack of an ATV and
is powered by a 12v
motor to ensure an
even spread. The
plastic hopper is UV
stabilized and durable
while the stainless
steel spinner and
shutter plates help
reduce corrosion.
Quad-X offer a
fantastic Irish built
alternative to the
array of cheap Italian
six bag spreaders.
The 300kg capacity
LEFT: Quad-X True Grit
salt spreader.
salt spreader is a
ground driven, towed
machine suitable for
gritting larger areas.
It is equipped with
UV protected plastic
hopper, proper wheel
bushings, knobby
tyres, and dished
spinner for excellent
spread widths.
The salt spreader
is specially designed
with a specific
gearbox with a gearing
ratio for better traction
in icy conditions.
Knobby 18-9.5x8
tyres are fitted as
standard, with 4 stud
hubs allow for easier
wheel changes. These
salt spreaders have
adjustable flow rates
with the necessary
deflector plates and
special agitator kits
for optimum spreading
of salt.
The Quad-X snow
ploughs are designed
to fit on most ATVs,
with wider models to
suit utility vehicles
NOVEMBER 23 2017
and compact tractors.
Their innovative
‘Supermount’ system
with implement angle
and quick release
is the fastest fitting
and most versatile
system on the market
to turn your quad into
a work machine. The
Supermount System
fixes to the underside
of your quad and
can be used with
numerous Quad-X
attachments to help
you out this winter.
It is universal fit, and
so even if you change
your bike the Quad-X
system will fit.
For more details
on the Quad-X snow
ploughs and salt
spreaders or to find
your nearest dealer
contact: from NI tel
028 2587 2800, from
RoI tel: 048 2587
2800 or visit www.
quad-x.com for more
information and to
watch video footage.


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