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FEBRUARY 14 2019
Numbers increasing at Flexi Eventing
may have been
raging around
the Province and
further afield
but, thankfully, his path
came nowhere near The
Meadows Equestrian
Centre in Lurgan, where
the fifth leg of the very
popular Baileys Horse
Feeds Flexi Eventing
was taking place. Whilst
the very efficient team
at the Meadows had
made all the necessary
preparations by
sandbagging fences etc,
thankfully, it was only
the sun which made an
Numbers have been
increasing week on week
and this time round
there was a marked
move from Intro to Pre
Novice, which is a good
indication that riders
feel they are making
progress. That said, the
large numbers meant
a split in each of those
two classes.
Will McAuley gave his
top marks in the Intro
‘A’ section to Nicky
Nesbitt, who has been
showing continuous
improvement with her
eight-year-old mare
by ‘Crosstown Dancer’
and has been in the top
six placings on each
of their five outings.
Another very consistent
performer is Down High
School pupil, Abby
Cummiskey, with Cindy
Cunningham’s 10-yearold Appaloosa mare,
‘CSC Apache Dove’.
They finished in runner
up spot in the Intro and
fourth in the Pre Novice,
to keep them top of the
overall leader board.
The ‘B’ section, judged
by Angelene Nicholson,
saw top points going
to Nicola Martin riding
‘Butter’, her six-year-old
mare, which she has just
had since September.
Nicola has praised the
Flexi Eventing League
as an ideal training
ground for young horses
and looks forward to
competing at a few
events in the season
INTERMEDIATE: Lucca Stubington riding ‘Kilcannon
Cool Guy’, winners of the Intermediate Dressage
class at the Flexi Eventing. (FW07-562NN)
PICTURES: courtesy of Tori O’Connor
ahead. The runner-up
spot for the second
week in a row was Grace
O’Shaughnessey and
‘Cooper’, her 12-year-old
gelding, whom she also
just began partnering
last September.
Joanne Jarden and
‘Quarryhill Calypso’
took the honours in the
Pre Novice ‘A’ class,
judged by Martina
McKinley with Lucy
Hanna and ‘Brian’, her
home-bred six-yearold by ‘September
Storm’, a previous
winning combination,
coming in just half a
point behind. Lucy
also took runner up
spot in the ‘B’ section,
with a score of 70% on
‘Maverick’, another
lovely home-bred and
home-produced horse,
which Lucy evented two
years ago before her
mother reclaimed him
for dressage.
However, the red
rosette was reserved
for Charlotte Dixon and
‘Milo’, a six-year-old bay
gelding by ‘Waveney’,
whom Charlotte
competed in three Intro
classes last season and
claimed a top placing at
Kircubbin 3.
Leinster Region’s John
Lyttle scrutinised the
Novice and Intermediate
classes this week and
he awarded his top
Novice placing and a
mark of 72.3 % to the
CROSS-COUNTRY: Fiona Cooper and ‘Jim’ jumped
clear in the 1m cross-country class at the Flexi
Eventing. (FW07-561NN)
CLEAR ROUND: Sophie Cowan riding ‘Tempo
Quickstep’ to a lovely clear round in the 1m show
jumping class at the Flexi Eventing. (FW07-558NN)
Amateur Maestro, Denis
Currie and ‘Arodstown
Aramis’, who are no
strangers to podium
finishes. Also breaking
the 70% benchmark
was Lucca Stubbington,
who is certainly making
her presence felt in the
dressage sections of the
Flexi Eventing. She came
second on ‘Quingenti’,
in both the Novice and
Intermediate classes.
‘Quingenti’, a 10-year-old
gelding by ‘September
Storm’ and bred by John
Kidd, is the current
EI100 National Eventing
Lucca also came
out on top in the
Intermediate class with
‘Kilcannon Cool Guy’, a
12-year-old gelding by
‘Loughehoe Guy’, which
Lucca is planning to
partner at the CCI4*-S
class at Tattersalls
International Horse
Trials at the end of May.
The show jumping
arena was also very
busy with a general
consensus that a great
education had been
gained as horses and
ponies experienced
a superb selection of
coloured poles and
The cross-country
arena was filled with
a fabulous selection
of fences, which gave
competitors and their
horses plenty to think
about and provided a
very valuable schooling
opportunity at this
stage of the year.
Sincere thanks to the
large team of helpers
in all three arenas, who
ensured that the day ran
The Flexi Eventing
continues every
Saturday until
March 2, with points
being awarded for
performance and
attendance with a
special prize for the
highest placed Riding
Club/ Pony Club
This is open to
absolutely everyone
and, as the name
suggests, riders can
choose to do any or all
of the three disciplines.
Show jumping and
cross-country entries
are taken on the day,
but dressage must
be pre entered with
Dora on 07876 758979
or dorabeacom@live.
co.uk by 6pm each
Finally, sincere thanks
to the sponsor, Judy
Maxwell of Baileys
Horse Feeds, whose
commitment to this
League is phenomenal,
both financial and in
terms of support, advice
and encouragement.
Organisers look
forward immensely to
the next three legs.
Arena 1 – Intro ‘A’ –
Judge: Will McAuley:
1) Nicky Nesbitt,
Carrickview Saratoga;
2) Abby Cummiskey,
CSC Apache Dove; 3)
Penny Murphy, Ebony;
4) Georgina Brown,
Ballycreen Milady; 5)
Heather Champion,
Basil; 6) Lucy Toombs,
Arena 1 – Intro ‘B’
– Judge: Angelene
Nicholson: 1) Nicola
Martin, Butter; 2)
Grace O’Shaughnessey,
Cooper; 3) Kirsty
Jackson, Charming Lad;
4) Allison Matthews,
Tadhg; 5) Katie Watson,
Lissyegan Bay News;
=6) Robbie Collins,
Dunrath Navigator; Lynn
Patterson, Just Jimmy.
Arena 2 – Pre Novice
‘A’ – Judge: Martina
McKinley: 1) Joanne
Jarden, Quarryhill
Calypso; 2) Lucy Hanna,
Brian; 3) Maeve Lunney,
Okee Dokee; 4) Abby
Cummiskey, CSC Apache
Dove; 5) Neil Morrison,
Diane; =6) Leah Knight,
Patrick; Hannah Whittle,
Freddie Fox; Helen
Cunningham, Gabby.
Arena 2 – Pre Novice
‘B’ – Judge: Martina
McKinley: 1) Charlotte
Dixon, Milo; 2) Lucy
Hanna, Maverick; 3)
Nichola Wray, Lady Grey
VI; 4) Kerry Magill, Cruz;
5) Olivia Johns, Lagan’s
Peter; 6) Kirsty Jackson,
Charming Lad.
Arena 3 – Novice Judge: John Lyttle: 1)
Denis Currie, Arodstown
Aramis; 2) Lucca
Stubington, Quingenti;
3) Kerry Magill, Toffee;
4) Hazel Hilland,
Lisbane Butterfly; 5)
Kathryn McKibbin,
Murphy; 6) Justine
Harding, Charissma.
Arena 3 –
Intermediate - Judge:
John Lyttle: 1) Lucca
Stubington, Kilcannon
Cool Guy; 2) Lucca
Stubington, Quingenti;
3) Helen Faulkner,
Danny; 4) Hannah
Blakely, Clerkson; 5)
Hannah Blakely, Kizzy;
6) Abi Carlisle, Monkey.
Show jumping (double
70cm: Olivia Roulston,
Fury; Sarah Craig,
80cm: Katie Clarke,
Mulvin Blue Moon;
Helen Faulkner, Kontiki;
Victoria Craig, Rocky;
Emma Leathem, Teddy;
Heather Smith, Kai;
Leah Knight, Patrick;
Zoe Woods, Phoebe;
Maeve McNally,
Handsome; Alex Turley,
90cm: Claire Ireland,
Mission Ambition; Leah
Knight, Breanie; Shane
McKeever, KHS Impact;
Emma Forbes, Holly;
Emma Forbes, Izzy.
1m: Neil Morrison,
Diane; Sheena KerrMcNally, Pegasus;
Meabh McIlduff,
Dalsown Done & Dusted;
Ann Bowe, Autumn
Bee; Leah Knight, Belle;
Joshua Russell, Beach
Lady; Emma Leathem,
Fifi; Jane Clarke, Joey;
Louise Houston, Marco;
Robbie Collins, Dunrath
Navigator; Hugo O’Neill,
Jude; Sarah Cowan,
Tempo Quickstep; Ellie
Hughes, Jerry; Emily
Corbett, Otter; Charlotte
Dixon, Ben; Lara Kelly,
Drumcaughey Diamond.
1.10m: Hannah Blakely,
Clerkson; Justine
Harding, Charissma;
Justine Harding, Joe;
Zoe Woods, Suki; Lara
Kelly, Drumcaughey
Diamond; Rachel Ward,
Evi; Leah Knight, Milo;
Herbie Purce, Alfie;
Denis Currie, Arodstown
Aramis; Sarah Moore,
Misty; Sarah Moore,
Scoobie B; Leah Knight,
1.20m: Charlotte
Harding, Ted; Ben
Rowlatt-McCormick, MJI
Cross-Country (clear
80cm: Katie Clarke,
Mulvin Blue Moon;
Kitty Cullen, Rocky;
Carly Douglas, Colisco;
Helen Cunningham,
Lady; Nicola Martin,
Butter; Claire Ireland,
Technicolour Dream;
Eve Fitzsimons, Golden
Diamond; Rachael
Broome, Boyher Cookies
and Crème; Carly
Douglas, Mavdala; Carly
Douglas, Marge.
90cm: Jessica
McConnell, Bella Voce;
Abby Cummiskey, CSC
Apache Dove; Nicky
Nesbitt, Carrickview
Saratoga; Caitie Slater,
Yogi; Neil Morrison,
Ed; Hannah Whittle,
Freddie; Lucy Hanna,
Brian; Sophie Cowan,
Tempo Quickstep; Anna
Thompson, Riverdance;
Ben Cousins,
Broughshane Boy;
Charlotte Dixon, Ben;
Helen Faulkner, Danny;
Shane McKeever, KHS
Impact; Eve Fitzsimons,
One Fine Day; Neil
1.10M: Lara Kelly and ‘Drumnacaughey Diamond’
jumped clear in the 1.10m show jumping class at the
Flexi Eventing. (FW07-559NN)
INTRO: Nicky Nesbitt riding ‘Carrickview Saratoga’,
winners of the Intro A Dressage class at the Flexi
Eventing. (FW07-560NN)
Morrison, Jake.
1m: Sheena KerrMcNally, Pegasus;
Meabh McIlduff,
Dalsown Done & Dusted;
Nicky Nesbitt, Ringfort
India; Neil Morrison,
Diane; Lucy Hanna,
Nelly; Robbie Collins,
Dunrath Navigator;
Hazel Hilland, Lisbane
Butterfly; Fiona Cooper,
Jim; Hannah Burns, TJ;
Olivia Johns, Lagan’s
Peter; Emma Blair, Hi
Jinx; Sarah Moore,
Misty; Jordana Busby,
Jeremy Spring returns
to the Meadows
Left, Jeremy
Spring BHSI
had great
success in
the saddle.
THE Flexi Eventing at The Meadows Equestrian
Centre has, to date, attracted some very
accomplished dressage judges. None moreso than
Jeremy Spring BHSI, who judged the Novice and
Intermediate classes on Saturday, February 2.
Jeremy was a long-standing member of the
Irish Three-Day Event Team and is a renowned
international equestrian trainer. In fact, he
currently travels all over the world to train horse
and rider combinations at various levels and
makes regular trips to Norway and Kenya!
Jeremy grew up in Co. Wexford, where his father
was Master of the Wexford and Island Foxhounds
for over 17 years, and bred successful show
horses, sport horses and racehorses at his stud in
Jeremy had great success in the saddle, including
a Three-Day Eventing Silver Medal at the European
Championships at Punchestown in 1991 and a
double victory in open and novice Combined
Training at Wembley - to this day a feat that remains
unequalled. He also rode on the winning home
team at the Punchestown CCI*** in Ireland in 1989
and competed at the inaugural World Equestrian
Games in Stockholm 1990.
He has competed throughout Europe, Asia and
North America in a riding career that spanned 25
years. He was honoured to have been consistently
rated in top 20 riders in the world by the World
Rankings between 1988 and 1999. His competitive
boots have now been hung-up.
Throughout his riding career, Jeremy has been
committed to coaching and guiding the next
generation of equestrian talent. Himself schooled
at the world renowned Talland School of Equitation,
and later by such equestrian luminaries as Jennie
Loriston-Clarke MBE FBHS (Dressage), Iris Kellet
(Show Jumping), and Lucinda Green MBE (Cross
Country), he has enjoyed considerable success
with senior and junior equestrians.
He was Norwegian eventing coach from 19891996 and led their Senior team to a notable ThreeDay Eventing Gold Medal at the Baltic Games in
1996 and the Junior team to a Silver Medal the
same year. The following year, Norway achieved
a national first of qualifying for the European
Championships. Jeremy has also enjoyed success
with riders he trains in the UK, including some of
the rising stars of Three-Day Eventing of the 1990s.
Jeremy currently delivers clinics, seminars and
master classes in the UK and Ireland, and continues
to teach throughout Europe.
He is set to judge dressage again at the Flexi
Eventing at the Meadows this coming Saturday
and plans to give up his time to go back to the
Meadows on Sunday for anyone who wishes him to
go through their test from the day before.
For details of future clinics, seminars, and master
classes, please contact Jeremy at springy10@
hotmail.com or +44 7889 759618.


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