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FEBRUARY 14 2019
Exciting Arena Eventing
finale at Portmore
(Aghalee) held the final of their
Bluegrass Arena Eventing on Sunday.
The league was very well supported,
which made for an exciting final!
Hannah Thompson on ‘Cara’ took the 85cm
class, just ahead of Karen Pearson on ‘Kasey’.
Hannah also had a great round in the 1m on
‘Ballylurgan Diamond Prince’, but was just
pipped to the post by Julie Donaghy Simpson
on ‘He’s the Lad’. Taking the 1.10m class was
Joanne Jarden on ‘Kali’.
Portmore would like to thank everyone who
supported the league and extend a big thank
you to Bluegrass Horse Feeds for all their
1M: Julie Donaghy Simpson on ‘Hes The Lad’,
winner of the 1m Arena Eventing final, pictured
with Chantal Suarez. (FW07-571JG)
1.10M: Joanne Jarden on ‘Kali’, winner of
the 1.10m Arena Eventing final, pictured with
PLACED: Katie McLoughlin on ‘Bobby’
Chantal Suarez. (FW07-570JG)
came third in the 1m Arena Eventing final at
PICTURES: Sporting Images Portmore. (FW07-574JG)
Jumping continues at Portmore this
weekend, with the training show on Saturday,
starting at 10am with 70cm, taking place
in the Bluegrass outdoor arena. For more
information on upcoming events, follow
Portmore on Facebook or visit the website:
Sunday, February 10
Bluegrass Arena Eventing final
85cm: 1) Hannah Thompson, Cara; 2) Karen
Pearson, Kasey; 3) Sarah Curran, Barney; 4)
Katie Haire, GG; 5) Jackie Loughrin, Freddie;
6) Emily Rooney, April; 7) Kathryn Skelton,
1m: 1) Julie Donaghy Simpson, He’s The Lad;
2) Hannah Thompson, Ballylurgan Diamond
Prince; 3) Katie Mcloughlin, Bobby; 4) Emily
Rooney, April; 5) Courtney Sloan, Sionnagh;
6) Hannah Thompson, Ballylurgan Whats Lux.
1.10m: 1) Joanne Jarden, Kali.
RUNNER UP: Karen Pearson on ‘Kasey’ came
second in the 85cm Arena Eventing final at
Portmore. (FW07-573JG)
85CM: Hannah Thompson on ‘Cara’, winner
of the 85cm Arena Eventing final receiving her
prize from Craig Kileff representing sponsor
Bluegrass. (FW07-569JG)
CLEAR: Karen Glendening on ‘Golden Grove’
jumped clear in the 75cm class at the Arena
Eventing final. (FW07-572JG)
The show must go on at Ardnacashel
AIN, frost, wind and the rare sighting
of a yellow orb in the sky, but nothing
stopped the team at Ardnacashel from
putting on a show. Last week, they hosted a
training clinic with Sasha Stewart and, despite
less than ideal weather conditions, Sasha
as ever proved a popular and inspirational
coach for all who took part. Sasha returns to
Ardnacashel on February 19, so book your
spot early, please see the website for more
A change of discipline and it was the first
of four show jumping training shows on
Thursday. These will run each Thursday in
RUNNER UP: Lucy Donnan on ‘Flicka’ came
second in the 80cm class at the Ardnacashel
Spring Series. (FW07-546NN)
PICTURES: courtesy of Meghan McKee
February, starting at 10am with 70cm and
progressing to 130cm.
It was an incredibly relaxed morning of
fabulous jumping with the main focus of the
event being training and building confidence.
This is a prime opportunity to bring out your
young or inexperienced horses or if you are
building your confidence in jumping again.
The course was open, flowing with plenty of
room to adjust, regroup and breathe!
Keeping on with the Show Jumping theme
and on Saturday the second of the four leg
Spring Series took place, which has been
kindly sponsored by Serviced, Downpatrick.
The course was again open and inviting to
all levels as the aim is, as always, to get out,
get round and most importantly, have fun!
And there was lots of fun and ‘craic’ to be
had, despite Storm Eric’s best efforts - he was
no match for the fantastic horse and rider
combinations who attended Saturday’s show.
Poppy McIlduff was out in fine style on her
super pony ‘Magic Merrylegs’ who went clear
in the cross-poles, while Katie Scott was clear
in the 70cm on ‘Mystery Girl’, well done! Next
was the 80cm class and, in winning form,
was Tommy Price on ‘Leo’, second was Lucy
Donnan on ‘Flicka’ and for third spot, Kerian
Martin with ‘Tia Maria’.
The popular 90cm class proved very
competitive with clear rounds, so all came
down to time; taking the fastest routes and
winning the class was Sophie Price on her
fabulous partner, ‘Molly’ and coming in second
was Nicole Barr with ‘Dee Jay’. Lucy Donnan
with ‘Flicka’ claimed the third prize to add to
her rosettes for the day. Well done to all!
The course was adjusted for the 1m class and
what a class it was! Fast and clear was Lauren
McGlennon on ‘Poppet’, Lauren also claimed
second place with her other horse, ‘Pixie’.
In third place was Vicki Titterington on the
superb ‘Charlie’. Congratulations to you all!
PLACED: Vicki Titterington on ‘Charlie’ came
third in the 1m class at the Ardnacashel Spring
Series. (FW07-547NN)
Thursday, February 7
(Clear rounds)
80cm: Helen Pannell, Sid; Roz Murphy,
Maloney; Gail Smyth, Ernie; Suzanne Hill,
Simba; Anya Teuton, Honey.
90cm: Helen Pannell, Sid; Gail Smyth, Ernie;
Suzanne Hill, Simba; Anya Teuton, Honey.
1m: Selina Forrester, Flick.
Saturday, February 9
Cross-poles: 1) Poppy McIIduff, Magic
70cm: 1) Katie Scott, Mystery Girl.
80cm: 1) Tommy Price, Leo; 2) Lucy Donnan,
Flicka; 3) Kerian Martin, Tia Maria.
90cm: 1) Sophie Price, Molly; 2) Nicole
Barr, Dee Jay; 3) Lucy Donnan, Flicka; 4) Jodi
Morrison, Sasha; 5) Lindsey Martin, Smokey;
6) Adam Booth, Firefly.
1m: 1) Lauren McGlennon, Poppet; 2) Lauren
McGlennon, Pixie; 3) Vicki Titterington,


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