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MAY 09 2019
JFC Isolation
Unit for treating
sick calves
LEFT: Visitors
young and old
flocked to the
Jalex Herd Open
Day which was
hosted recently
by Nelson and
James Alexander,
RIGHT: There
was plenty to
see at the Jalex
Herd Open Day
with an extensive
selection of
tractors and 4x4
pick ups on view.
Jalex Open Day attracts
super crowd as attention
switches to Balmoral
HIS year’s Jalex open
day was triggered by
customer demand
and enquiries from
suckler producers
keen to view and source
replacement heifers.
“We sell heifers all year
round and always have
a quality selection of
Simmental and Limousin
commercial heifers in calf to
easy fleshing bulls.
“The idea of the open day
is to let farmers view them
all in one place as when we
hit the grass they are spread
out over a large area” James
Alexander explained.
It is over 40 years since
Visitors to the
farm of Nelson
and James
Alexander were
impressed with
the quality of in
calf and bulling
heifers on view.
A large number
were sold on
the day both
locally and for
James’s father Nelson
founded Alexander Tractors,
and in more recent years
James has added the 4x4
element to the business.
The pair take great pride in
selling tractors and pick-ups
right across Ireland with
many customers returning to
do repeat business.
The Alexander family would
very much like to thank
all those that joined them
at the weekend with many
travelling great distances,
and also all those who helped
prepare the stock and yards
in advance of the open day
to ensure that everything
looked its best.
All eyes now on Balmoral!
Plans are now in full force
for the next venture by the
Jalex Team as it prepares for
the forthcoming Balmoral
Show. For the first time
Jalex 4x4s will have their
own stand at the show, and
the team very much looks
forward to meeting new and
old customers. The stand is
located just off 8th Avenue
C72. This is one of two stands
for 2019 with C40 booked to
promote the Suffolk x Cheviot
breeding sheep enterprise.
This is in addition to the
livestock entries from the
Jalex herd with pedigree
Limousin cattle entered for
judging on the Wednesday of
the show.
For more information
contact James Alexander
07816 775501.
HE JFC Agri Calf Isolation Unit is an
individual calf housing unit which is ideal
for the effective treatment of sick calves.
The Polyethylene body will ensure the calf
is warm and draught-free, allowing you to
monitor individual calf performance. The Calf
Isolation Unit is complete with a slatted floor,
Polyethylene gate, bracket and lamp (not
including bulb) additional feeding buckets x 2
work extremely well with this isolation unit. The
dimensions (mm) of the product are 1460L x
1020W x1000H.
n Allows calves to receive individual attention
and more effective feed monitoring.
n Easy to clean, unit can be power hosed down
and completely disinfected.
n Lightweight and easy to handle.
n Lower calf mortality rates.
n Reduced bedding requirements.
n No set up time required, easily manoeuvred
into place by hand or using a telehandler.
n Industry Standards
Within the Animal Health and Welfare section
of the Red Tractor Farm Assurance scheme,
segregation facilities are required to be
available at all times for sick or injured animals
from infectious and non-infectious conditions
or injury. It is required that the isolation unit is
available for use within three hours. It is also
required that the facility is capable of being
cleansed and disinfected, it also doesn’t allow
direct contact with any other animals.
The JFC Calf Isolation unit has solid sides
which prevents direct contact to any other
animals, it is also easily cleansed and
disinfected, with a slatted base to provide
maximum grip for the animal. The front of
the unit has a galvanised steel gate with
two feeding buckets, which allows the milk/
water or meal consumption to be constantly
monitored. This also meets the Red Tractor
Farm Assurance schemes standards within the
Feed and Water section.
Reasons for Isolating Calves - According to
#Calfmatters there are over 30 million calves
born in the UK each year with infectious
respiratory diseases estimated to cost £60
million per year.
Isolation reduces the risk of infection
spreading through a group of calves.
It also allows the calf time
to recover without being
bothered by any other
animals. According to
a study by Scotland’s
Rural College (SRUC)
when outdoors
from the rest of
the group, but
when indoors
this becomes
impossible for the
animal to do.


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