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MAY 09 2019
All set for this year’s Balmoral Show
LEFT: Pictured (from left) launching
the 2019 Balmoral Show in
partnership with Ulster Bank are
Cormac McKervey, Senior Agriculture
Manager at Ulster Bank, Rhonda
Geary, Operations Director at RUAS,
Alan Crowe, RUAS Chief Executive,
and Nigel Walsh, Director, Corporate &
Commercial Banking at Ulster Bank.
RIGHT: RUAS Chief Executive Alan
Crowe joins the Balmoral Show
Platinum Sponsors, George Mullan
from ABP, JP McShane from M&S,
Bronagh Luke from Spar, Conor Boyle
from Lidl, Glenn Speer from Fane
Valley and Gary Love from Tesco.
Alan commented: “As always the
show continues to be indebted to the
support of our Platinum Sponsors.”
Harnessing nature’s healing energy
HE ingredients used in
the Botanica products
have proven beneficial
effects – anti-fungal,
antiseptic, antibacterial,
anti-histamine and antiinflammatory.
They are made from natural
herbal ingredients, are non-toxic
and can be used on all animals,
including us humans.
The products are extremely
versatile and user friendly, they
are a must have for all horse
yards, farms and grooming kits.
Made in Northern Ireland
by Botanica International Ltd,
the herbal range contains a
combination of Aloe Vera, Tea
Tree Oil, Comfrey oil and Oil
of Lavender, all with proven
beneficial properties to keep
skin clean, promote healthy cell
growth and deter insects.
There are a range of washes,
creams and sprays that can be
used on all animals, including
dogs, cats, cows and sheep.
The products are used in zoos
worldwide for all animals,
especially for elephants and
Slyvia Ormiston at Balmoral
Highland Stud said: “We use
Botanica Wash and add it to the
water for washing the horses
down after work. It keeps their
coats clean and bug-free. We use
the wash, cream and anti-itch
products for people, dogs and
horses. They are all brilliant
For humans there is a great
range of skin care products
including a cleanse-tonemoisturise system, rejuvenating
face cream, bathing wash, body
lotion, after shave, make-up
remover and deodorant, as well
as a lip salve.
Visit the Botanica International
Ltd Facebook page to read some
amazing reviews from people
who have used the Botanica


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