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JULY 23 2020
Unprecedented entries
for Lisbane Two-Phase
Farm was
the beautiful
setting on a
lovely bright
day for a Two-Phase
Event last Saturday.
Such is the
popularity of this
fabulous Co. Down
venue, that places
were booked out
four days ahead
of the scheduled
closing date.
Eric Pele and
his team worked
miracles creating
four superb
courses from 1.10m
down to 75/80cm,
each providing
very valuable
education for
horses and ponies
at all stages of
their development.
There was every
conceivable type
of fence from
ditches, hedges,
brushes, palisades,
cottages, steps, to
water and rivers.
Great accolades
were afforded to
the entire team for
a very enjoyable
and well organised
day, which saw the
Covid-19 protocols
being tested to great
Denis Currie didn’t
have far to travel to
claim victory in the
1.10m class, where
he jumped both
phases clear and
just accumulated
DETERMINED: Corey Mawhinney had a great opening run prior to the
eventing calendar getting underway, when he rode his own ‘Aine’ with
determination to win the 1m class at the Lisbane Farm two-phase.
some cross-country
time penalties
to his score with
‘Arodstown Aramis’,
aka ‘Troy’. Hannah
Blakely came in just
two points behind
with her nine-yearold ‘Clerkenwell’
gelding, ‘Clerkson’.
The 1m class
had almost 40
starters, with 17 of
those maintaining
a clean jumping
status across
both disciplines.
Corey Mawhinney
from Castlereagh
came top of the
list with just 7.6
time penalties on
his eventing mare,
‘Lemme Aine’, with
which he moved up
KIN disease is a common
problem for horses, but a leading
believes some parasitic diseases are
becoming more frequent, in line with
a reduction in the use of wormers.
While a return to the indiscriminate
use of anthelmintics is inconceivable,
Dr Sue Paterson is advising that skin
problems must be treated using
suitable veterinary advice rather than
‘Dr Google’.
“Overuse of some drugs, such as
equine wormers, has inadvertently
treated problems such as parasitic
skin disease, but these may now
be unmasked with a reduction in
anthelmintic usage,” explains Dr
Paterson, who is a globally recognised
Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology.
Dr Paterson, who founded the
telemedicine company Virtual Vet
Derms in 2018, says they have seen a
persistent increase in enquiries about
equine parasitic skin diseases over
the past two years.
“This escalation seems to coincide
with the increase in use of FWECs
rather than outmoded routine
worming,” she said.
“Diseases such as sarcoptic mange,
which is carried by foxes, and
chorioptic mange appear to be more
prevalent, yet market research shows
that in many cases a visit to the vet
is a last resort and people go to Dr
Google or Facebook rst, which is
It’s important for parasitic skin
diseases to be diagnosed early, so that
they can be treated promptly before
to the EI100 category
at the nal event of
last season. Nipping
at his heels was
Holly McClenaghan
and ‘Blacklaw
Pelorus’, which she
partnered to runner
up position at the
National Eventing
Championships last
An incredible 86
combinations took
on the challenge of
the 90cm track with
mixed fortunes.
Exactly half of these
jumped double
clear and the well
deserved winner,
picking up just 3.6
time penalties was
Margery Warnock,
no stranger to
success with her
14-year-old ‘Almiro’
mare, ‘Buttery
Charm’. Margery
returned to eventing
last year after a
lengthy break and
the Julie Drysdalebred mare was the
recipient of the
Northern Region
points award for
the EI90 Amateur
category last
campaigned in
eventing by Conor
O’Hare, took the
runner up spot
under saddle with
17-year-old Phoebe
Beaumont from
Bangor. Down
High School pupil,
Rachael Broome and
her eye-catching
pony, ‘Cookies n
Crème’ came home
fractionally behind
to take third spot.
Meantime, the
anticipation was
mounting amongst
the 60 competitors
in the 75/80cm class,
who were literally
champing at the
bit and raring to
go. Many of these
combinations were
making their rst
foray into a TwoPhase competition
and their excitement
both before and
after was tangible.
Again, almost half
completed clear
jumping, but even
those who didn’t
returned to enquire
when the next
competition was
due to take place, a
true testimony to the
adrenalin rush.
The class winner
was 12-year-old
Corey McGahan
and his fabulous
little pony, ‘Hugo’
(‘Snowy’), with
which he plans
to start eventing
next month. Corey
has been riding at
his grandmother’s
Riding School in
Newry since he was
just two and a half
and is now starting
to break ponies.
Veterinary Dermatologist warns of
risk of equine parasitic skin disease
SKIN DISEASE: Severe self-inflicted
trauma on the side of a horse due to
sarcoptic mange. (FW30-563NN)
the condition escalates and spreads.
This will both improve animal welfare
and save money and telemedicine can
bridge the gap in resources, making
Specialist help readily available for
horse owners and their vets.
A veterinary Specialist can help to
recognise skin disease patterns and
clinical signs that the primary care
vet may never have seen. With the
convenience of a telemedicine service,
horse owners can obtain general
advice directly from a Specialist or
their vet can contact a Specialist for
advice on their case or arrange a
virtual consultation for them. Often,
a Specialist can help manage skin
problems using fewer drugs because
their experience is based on years of
treating similar conditions and allows
them to prescribe only the drugs that
are needed.
During lockdown, while vets triaged
and dealt with urgent cases, online
consultations became a recognised
source of support and advice for
many pet owners until they were able
to see their vet.
“It’s highly likely that this new
pattern of operation is here to stay,
but it’s vital that people know about
the virtual services available to
ensure they receive qualied advice,”
said Dr Paterson.
“Services such as Virtual Vet Derms
can provide quick, low cost access to
a Specialist Veterinary Dermatologist,
as conveniently as using Dr Google,
but without the risks,” explains Dr
“There are no waiting lists for an
appointment or the need to take
time off work and the telemedicine
specialist can work with you and your
vet to help manage the case more
For further information, visit:
https:// www.virtual vetderms.com/
HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE: Denis Curry showed the younger
generations how it should be done, when he won the 1.10m class at
the Lisbane Farm two-phase. (FW30-513NN)
This combination,
which have been
in partnership for
almost eight years,
is certainly one to
keep an eye on in the
Slotting into
second place, just
marginally behind,
was 14-year-old
Hollie Donnan, who,
along with her sister,
Lucy, was enjoying
her inaugural crosscountry experience.
Hollie and her pony,
‘Romeo’ (‘Killoughter
Nuggett’) are more
frequently seen in a
show jumping arena,
but that will possibly
change as they have
now caught the
eventing bug!
Huge thanks go
to the entire team
of volunteers, who
brought this event
to fruition and
provided much
needed sport to
a large section of
the equestrian
Particular thanks
go to the sponsors,
namely, Baileys
Horse Feeds,
Kingseld Haylage
and Kingseld
Equine Veterinary,
as well as Leo Pele
Farrier Services.
Next up at Lisbane
Farm is the Summer
Jump Cross Series,
which commenced
on Tuesday, July 14
and will continue
each Tuesday
evening throughout
the Summer, starting
at 6pm with 75cm please note that preentry is required.
Saturday, July 11
1.10m: 1) Denis
Currie, Arodstown
Aramis; 2) Hannah
Blakely, Clerkson; 3)
Michael McGafn,
Jimmy; 4) Janie
Cairns, Charlie.
1m: 1) Corey
Mawhinney, Aine; 2)
Holly McClenaghan,
Blacklaw Pelorus; 3)
Zoe Martin, Hunter;
4) Lucy McIlroy,
Pearl; 5) Janie
Cairns, Ellie; =6)
Jenny Nixon, Harley;
Katie McKee, Stevie;
Ryan Truesdale,
Lowhill Tick Tock.
90cm: 1) Margery
Warnock, Buttery
Charm; 2) Phoebe
Claddagh; 3)
Rachael Broome,
Cookies N Crème;
4) Holly McGahan,
Mr Grey; 5) Jessica
Mr Murphy; 6)
Chloe Thompson,
Beechburn Lass.
75/80cm: 1) Corey
McGahan, Hugo;
2) Hollie Donnan,
Romeo; 3) Victoria
Greenaway, Warrior
Bob; 4) Lara
McRobb, April; 5)
Katie Robinson, Als
Rough Diamond;
6) Laura Dunlop,
Entries open for Saintfield Show
WHILE most of the local agricultural shows have had to cancel
altogether this year, organisers of Sainteld Show are delighted
that it is taking place on Saturday, August 8 at Glenbrook Farm,
Boardmills, by kind permission of the Lawson family.
This year’s show will be a little different. Due to ongoing social
distancing restrictions, the show has had to be scaled back and
will not have the full range of classes normally offered, but will
be holding Working Hunter, Ridden Hunter, Young stock and Pony
Due to Covid restrictions, the entries will close promptly, the
number of competitors will be regulated and unfortunately no
spectators will be permitted on the day. Winners of each class will
receive a rosette, as there is no prize money this year, however,
organisers will be making a donation to local charities from any
remaining proceeds.
The schedule is now available online on the website: www.
sainteldshow.co.uk and entries are being accepted by post or by
email to secretary@sainteldshow.co.uk until July 31.
Organisers are looking forward to welcoming competitors back to
this wonderful venue - get your entry in now!
Please note that only those with an entrant number will be granted
access to the venue on show day.
NIHB announces dates for 2020 Championships
HE Northern Ireland
Horse Board (NIHB) are
delighted to announce the
conrmed dates of their 2020
Young Performance Horse and
Foal Championships. A combined
prize fund of over £3,500 is up
for grabs over two weekends,
which will celebrate the best of
breeding in the North.
First up is the Young
Performance Horse
Championships, which will take
place on Saturday, September
5 at the Meadows Equestrian
Centre, Lurgan.
These championships will be
open to Irish bred horses aged
four to seven years old.
Following this, the 2020 Foal
Championship will take place on
Saturday, September 12 at the
Meadows Equestrian Centre.
With three categories on offer:
Show jumping Foal, Eventing Foal
and Irish Draught Foal, a good
turnout is expected.
Schedules are now available for
both weekends, to get your copy
please email: nihb.ofce@gmail.
com or drop into the ofce to
pick up your entry forms.


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