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JANUARY 24 2019
‘Sweet’ success for
Ella at Flexi Eventing
EEK two’s
phase of the
Baileys Horse
Feeds Flexi
Eventing at the Meadows
Equestrian Centre,
Lurgan was dominated
by Ella Boyle, who
competed three horses
and claimed two wins
and a second placing.
Under the critical eye of
FEI Judge, Dublin-based
David Lee, Ella claimed
victory in the Novice
class on ‘George’, with a
percentage score of 77.5
and second on ‘Vogue’,
just 0.2 behind. Ella is
hugely excited about the
upcoming season with
‘George’ (‘Grafenstolz
Distinction’), who is an
eight-year-old gelding
and a firm personal
favourite! ‘Vogue’ (‘WKD
Cooley’) made his
transition from show
jumping to eventing
last year and delivered
some impressive results,
including a number of
wins and other top six
placings. Ella went one
step further by taking
the win in the top class,
the Intermediate, on the
nine-year-old Holsteiner
mare, ‘Candy 737’, who
is no stranger to red
rosettes or top placings.
Ella attributes her
flatwork success to her
mentor and trainer,
Terry Boone.
It was lovely to see
Lucy Adams and the
famous ‘Ben Hymn’
out competing in the
Intermediate class and
giving a great account
of themselves, slotting
into runner up spot, just
0.2 percent behind the
Once again, very large
entries in the Intro class
meant a class split.
Taking pride of place in
the ‘A’ section, judged
by Vanda Stewart, was
Gwen Scott with Jim
NOVICE: Ella Boyle riding ‘George’, winners of the
Novice Dressage class at the Flexi Eventing.
PICTURES: courtesy of Tori O’Connor
McLaughlin’s sevenyear-old mare, ‘Glen
Mac’, normally evented
by Jessica Nelson. They
cleared a one and a half
point margin over a
delighted Nicky Nesbitt
riding ‘Carrickview
Saratoga’, an eightyear-old mare by the
Irish Draught stallion,
‘Crosstown Dancer’. This
mare was bought for
Nicky by her father-inlaw, Fred Nesbitt, shortly
before his untimely
death last year and she
is certainly doing him
The ‘B’ section was
won by Jenny Nixon on
‘Harley’, a seven-year-old
Irish Sport Horse by a
Dutch stallion, bred by
Oinri Jackson from Co.
Second place was
shared by Troy Watson
on ‘Rori’s Glen Angie’
and Shane McKeever on
‘KHS Impact’.
‘Rory’s Glen Angie’ is a
seven-year-old mare by
‘Carrick Diamond Lad’,
out of an unregistered
Connemara-cross mare,
which Troy has been
working with since he
acquired her two years
ago and his aspirations
PLACED: Hannah Blakely riding ‘Clerkson’, came
third in the Novice Dressage class at the Flexi
Eventing. (FW04-533NN)
ROLLER: Vikki Potter riding ‘Lily’ clears the roller in
the cross-country arena at the Flexi Eventing.
are to move up the
eventing grades under
the guidance of his
coach, Mark Robinson.
Shane McKeever and
‘KHS Impact’, a ‘Master
Imp’ gelding, are going
into their fifth year in
partnership and signs
are promising for a
fruitful season, as they
took joint fourth place
last week in an equally
competitive class.
There were over 30
competitors in the
Pre-Novice class, where
Charlotte Dixon was
victorious with ‘Milo’, a
six-year-old bay gelding
by ‘Waveney’, whom
Charlotte competed in
three Intro classes last
season and claimed a
top placing at Kircubbin
3. Charlotte hopes
to compete him this
upcoming season, if
she can take time out
from her final year
studies in Bio Medical
Science at Coleraine.
Kathryn McKibbin
took second equal spot
with ‘Murphy’, who
won his arena at PCUK
Intermediate Eventing
Championships last year.
Sharing the Pre-Novice
spoils was Joanne Jarden
and ‘Quarryhill Calypso’,
a nine-year-old mare by
‘Rockrimmon Senator’,
who claimed many top
six placings last year,
including a fourth place
in the EI 90 National
Meantime, Arena 2 staff
were kept extremely
busy with the show
jumping classes, which
started just after 9am
and continued until late
evening. The standard
of competition was
very high, with a good
percentage of double
clears being recorded
across the classes from
70cm through to 1.20m.
Arena 3 hosted the allweather cross-country
courses, which are
proving very popular
with eventers, wouldbe eventers and those
who have never thought
about that discipline
before. With a great
selection of fences
to suit all abilities at
80cm, 90cm and 1m, it
is undoubtedly a very
valuable training asset at
this time of the year.
Huge thanks go to
all the judges, scribes,
call up stewards, arena
personnel, secretarial
staff, scorers for all their
help in ensuring that
all three arenas ran like
Finally, thank you
to Judy Maxwell of @
Baileyshorsefeeds for
her continuing support
and sponsorship of
this very popular
League, which is open
to absolutely everyone.
As the name suggests,
riders can choose to
do any or all of the
three disciplines. Show
jumping and crosscountry entries are taken
on the day, but dressage
must be pre-entered
with Dora on 07876
758979 or dorabeacom@
live.co.uk by 6pm each
Saturday, January 19
Arena 1 – Intro ‘A’ –
Judge: Vanda Stewart:
1) Gwen Scott, Glen
Mac; 2) Nicky Nesbitt,
Carrickview Saratoga; 3)
Taylor Hunter, Ferro; 4)
Abby Cummiskey, CSC
Apache Dove; 5) Gemma
Chambers, Blueoak
Harry; 6) Victoria Henry
Potter, Lily.
Arena 1 – Intro
‘B’ – Judge: Martina
McKinley: 1) Jenny
Nixon, Harley; =2)
Troy Watson, Rory’s
Glen Angie; Shane
McKeever, KHS Impact;
4) Grace O’Shaughnessy,
Cooper; 5) Michael
Boyd, Getadate; 6) Suzi
McClean, Simba.
Arena 2 – Pre Novice Judge: Stephen Murphy:
1) Charlotte Dixon, Milo;
=2) Kathryn McKibbin,
Murphy; Joanne Jarden,
Quarryhill Calypso;
4) Charlotte Keers,
Western Ocala; 5) Abby
Cummiskey, CSC Apache
Dove; 6) Jessica Nelson,
Arena 3 – Novice Judge: David Lee: 1) Ella
ON FORM: Lexi Kerr and ‘Pepsi’ were on form and
jumped clear in the cross-country arena at the Flexi
Eventing. (FW04-535NN)
Boyle, George; 2) Ella
Boyle, Vogue; 3) Hannah
Blakely, Clerkson; 4)
Denis Currie, Arodstown
Aramis; 5) Caitie Slater,
Grand Marnier; 6) Daniel
Brown, Euro Jackpot.
Arena 3 – Intermediate
- Judge: David Lee: 1)
Ella Boyle, Candy; 2)
Lucy Adams, Ben Hymn;
3) Abi Carlisle, Monkey;
=4) Michael Boyd,
Maximum Jay; Ballyalt
Show jumping (double
70cm: Laura Gordon,
Marco; Zoe Daniel,
Buddy; Lucia McNamee,
Blackjack; Karen
Connolly, Ollie; Rosie
Lloyd, Drumcill Lady.
80cm: Anneka Knox,
Sportsman; Jessica
McConnell, Bella Voce;
Zara Keys, Joey; Emma
Jackson, Jack; Felicity
Johnston, Ferniskey
90cm: Laura
Gordon, Larry;
Hannah Thompson,
Ballylurgan Lux What;
Shane McKeever, KHS
Impact; Charlene Little,
Sapphie; Harry Haire,
Heartbeat; Sophie
Dunlop, Edenmore
Apache; Caroline Hunter,
Colour Me Clover;
Emma Jackson, Connor;
Claire Ireland, Mission
Ambition; Hannah
Thompson, Good Time
Girl; Eabha Mallon,
Fragile Dreams.
1m: Sheena KerrMcNally, Pegasus; Judith
Graham, Edentrillick
Leviticus; Lara Kelly,
Drumcaughey Diamond;
Lauren Brooker,
Barnfield Indian Sky;
Jessica Nelson, Tai;
Gwen Scott, Glen Mac;
Leah Knight, Milo;
Tara Dixon, Fred; Abby
Cummiskey, CSC Apache
Dove; John McEvoy,
Jenny; Meabh McIlduff,
Dalsown Done & Dusted;
Gemma Chambers,
Blueoak Harry; Emma
Leathem, Drumcill Step
to Harmony; Charlotte
Keers, Western Ocala;
Zara Keys, Joey;
Christina Turley, Bob;
Emily Corbett, Otter
Valley; Emily Corbett,
Stuart; Neil Morrison,
Gerry; Laura Sloan,
Cornascriebe Quida;
Denis Currie, Arodstown
Aramis; Ellie Hughes,
Wee Tom; Zara Keys,
1.10m: Jessica
McConnell, Finding
Nemo; Ruari Clarke,
Roger; Katie O’Reilly,
Junior; Caitie Slater,
Grand Marnier; Neil
Morrison, Gerry; Denis
Currie, Arodstown
Aramis; Ruari Clarke,
Hilton; Emma Jackson,
Silky; Connor Savage,
Teddy; Emma Jackson,
Amy B.
1.20m: Ruari Clarke,
Cross-Country (clear
80cm: Tara Dixon,
Nico; Suzi McClean,
Simba; Gareth McClean,
Scooby; Lucia McNamee,
Blackjack; Nicky Corr,
CROSS-COUNTRY: Carly Douglas and ‘Milo’ went
clear in the cross-country arena at the Flexi Eventing.
90CM: Ashley Kelly and ‘Jimmy’ jumped clear in the
90cm Show jumping class at the Arena Eventing.
Armpit; Katie Clarke,
Mulvin Blue Moon; Ralph
Robinson, Powder Day;
Jon Champion, Orbie;
Jessica McConnell, Bella
Voce; Lexie Kerr, Pepsi;
Caroline Hunter, Colour
Me Clover; Nicky Corr,
Rowan; Nicky Corr,
Grace; Carly Douglas,
Marg; Bree Rutledge,
Jewel; Laura Gordon,
Larry; Kitty Cullen,
Rocky; Ruby Protector,
Tuiti Fruit; Carly
Douglas, Mandella; Ruby
Protector, Toffee.
90cm: Margaret
Creighton, Dolly;
Zara Keys, Joey;
Abby Cummiskey,
CSC Apache Dove;
Hannah Thompson,
Ballylurgan What’s Lux;
Victoria Henry Potter,
Lilli; Fergus McGirr,
Ruairi; Kerry Parkhill,
Elsa; Alex Ogle, Lily;
Charlotte Dixon, Milo;
Carly Douglas, Milo;
Wendy Kirk, Bear; Nicky
Nesbitt, Carrickview
Saratoga; Ben Cousins,
Broughshane Boy;
Lynsey Napier-Sneddon,
Carsonstown Porsche;
Ellen Graham, Kharma;
Roisin McNamara,
Admiran Tornado; Kate
Russell, Bingo; Jayne
Moore, Blossom; Sophie
Morrow, Silver Boy;
Liz Wilson, Easy Jet;
Aislinn Captain, CSC
Apache Feather; Barbara
Johns, John Rambo;
Leah Knight, Zeb; Eabha
Mallon, Fragile Dreams.
1m: Tara Dixon,
Thunder; Sheena KerrMcNally, Pegasus; Carly
Douglas, Reggie; Emma
Brown, Tully Tina;
John McEvoy, Jimmy;
Nicky Nesbitt, Ringfort
India; Meabh McIlduff,
Dalsown Done & Dusted;
Rose de Montmorency,
Frankie; Leah Knight,
Milo; Charlotte Dixon,
Fred; Jessica McConnell,
Finding Nemo; Hannah
Burns, TJ; Nichola Wray,
Lady Grey; Hannah
Thompson, Ballylurgan
Imperial Fly; Jordana
Busby, Misty; Sophia
Dunlop, Edenmore
Apache; Olivia Johns,
Lagan’s Peter.
80CM: Elizabeth Smith riding ‘Rocky’ in the 80cm
Show jumping class at the Flexi Eventing.
CLEAR: Claire Ireland riding ‘Mission Ambition’ to a
clear round in the 90cm Show jumping class at the
Arena Eventing. (FW04-538NN)


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