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FEBRUARY 07 2019
Your TV and radio highlights
Taking an epic journey to discover modern Australia
PICK OF THE WEEK: Australia With Julia Bradbury, 8.30pm, ITV, Thursday
HIS new eight-part documentary series
features Julia Bradbury exploring the
immense and enchanting charms of
Travelling by propeller plane, helicopter,
camel, golf buggy, bicycle, boats, 4x4s and
on foot, Julia embarks on an epic journey to
discover modern Australia and the people who
live there.
Whether warming up with the cast at the
Sydney Opera House, serving up breakfast
on the Ghan train, joining the surf patrol on
Bondi Beach, or interviewing candidates for
what some say is the world’s best job – as a
desert island caretaker on the Great Barrier
Reef – Julia’s quest takes in all four corners of
the country, its iconic destinations and unique
She explores Australian family life as it
is lived across the continent – whether on
a remote cattle station or at an Aboriginal
outback swag.
She goes to work with mums who are
crocodile egg hunters, ranchers, and outback
pilots, plays teacher for a day at the Red
ABOVE: Presenter Julia Bradbury explores the immense charms of Australia.
Centre’s School of the Air and hits the road
with a retired “grey nomad” in his specially
adapted touring caravans.
Julia hunts for unexpected aspects of modern
Australia, meeting the instructor at the
country’s only doggy surfing school, getting
to grips with kangaroo golf, discovering the
world’s most isolated pub, and enlisting in
a boat race thousands of miles away from
WEEKEND CHOICE: David Bowie: Finding Fame, 9pm, BBC Two, Saturday
ABOVE: David Bowie and the art of reinvention continued through his fame.
1) Skip gin and start
manufacturing a hide (7)
5) Arrange a lease for holding
the picture (5)
8) Depressions can set in with
these colours (5)
9) Garment worn perhaps when
applying the gloss (7)
10) Beg a cab to hold this
brassica (7)
11) In a tare Eve found female
sandpiper (5)
12) And in the middle of fifth
river things seem to prosper (6)
14) So vale is where bread is
found (6)
17) see 6 down
19) see 18 down
22) Could be last cut from the
beast (4-3)
23) One hundred attached to
breathing apparatus held on (5)
24) It was yon pa saw as
evergreen shrub (5)
25) A rotted crop needed
changed (7)
1) Fifty leave public area to be private
2) Hard worker when using an earth
breaker (7)
3) Cook a shallot partly with Russian
wheat meal (5)
4) Gained the correct amount (6)
5) Hey presto a new type of pasture
6 and 17 across) One who could cut
and dress the rock (5-5)
7) Little pigs make the place untidy
12) Omit thy way of growing grass
variety (7)
13) Even Ned had this breed of
sheep (7)
15) By way of a road going over a
channel (7)
16) Young boy and the German
construct climbing frame (6)
18 and 19 across) Miserly way to
accumulate (5-3-4)
20) Old gold coin found in a duct (5)
21) Moved slowly forward and
trimmed the lawn (5)
HIS feature-length
documentary tells the
untold story of how
David Robert Jones became
David Bowie, how Bowie
became Ziggy Stardust and
how Ziggy became immortal
– changing the musical
landscape as he did so.
With remarkable, unheard
audio recordings, unseen
archive and unpublished
documents alongside
exclusive interviews with
David’s family, girlfriends,
lifelong friends and early
collaborators, this film shows
how his experiences in the
1960s created a blueprint for
his entire career.
Starting in 1966, when he
changed his name to Bowie,
the film traces his interest
in everything from Holst to
Bill and Ben, the Flowerpot
Men, and Anthony Newley to
Tibetan Buddhism. Highlights
include a deconstruction
– through the eight-track
masters – of Bowie classics,
including Space Oddity, The
Man Who Sold The World and
the song he wanted to forget,
The Laughing Gnome.
There are previously
unheard demos, never-beforeseen footage of his journey
through Siberia in 1973 and
extraordinary Ziggy footage,
believed to have been lost
Contributors include Bowie’s
first cousin and lifelong friend
Kristina Amadeus, and his
former girlfriend and muse
Hermione Farthingale –
neither of whom have spoken
on film before.
CATCH-UP: Cleaning
Up, ITV Hub
THIS characterful drama
focuses on an ordinary
working class woman, Sam
– played by Sheridan Smith
– who is caught between
two worlds: the everyday
life of a devoted and loving
Mum and the darker, dangerous world of
insider trading.
Sassy office cleaner Sam is one of an
invisible army of cleaners on a zero
hours contract who mop, sweep and
vacuum in the early hours. Struggling
with an on-line gambling addiction, Sam
realises she has access to lucrative
Stock Market information which if used
correctly could be the answer to all her
Set in the contrasting worlds of shiny
Canary Wharf and the realities of
modern suburbia, Cleaning Up explores
how far Sam will go to survive, claw
back some self-respect and get her life
back on track.
History Of Violence,
8pm, BBC Radio 4,
WHEN Matthew
Sweet was taking
his daughter to
secondary school
open days, he noticed
a pattern emerging:
the PE teachers were intelligent and
thoughtful people with clear and
sophisticated ideas about the social
and psychological benefits of their
subject. What had happened to the PE
teachers of old, who were represented
in popular culture by bullies and drill
sergeant types like Mr Sugden in Kes
and Bullet Baxter in Grange Hill?
He sent out a tweet: “Why was PE
the only subject in which humiliation
was considered part of the learning
process?” Hours later, he had
collected hundreds of traumatic
anecdotes from former students put
off sport for life.
Matthew haunts the gyms, playing
fields and communal changing rooms
of PE’s past, to interrogate former PE
teachers. What’s the point of PE?
Answers to last week’s
1) Camlough.
7) see 16
8) Woodland.
9) Darnel.
10) Gluten.
11) see 16
12 and 2 down)
Stone mason.
14) Chaff.
16, 24, 7 and
11) Let sleeping
dogs lie.
18 and 15 down)
Coarse fishing.
20) Infest.
22) Unearths.
23) Nail.
24) see 16
1) Coolant.
2) see 12
3) see 4 down.
4 and 3)
George Orwell.
5) Fence.
6) Plough.
13) Norman.
15) see 18
16) Lentil.
17) Tissue.
19) Ounce.
21) Fungi.


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