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Sixth form opportunities
We are increasingly finding that schools and students are calling out for
opportunities which allow teachers to put classroom learnings into the context of
the wider business world. Our sixth form opportunities really focus on how skills
and knowledge can translate from the classroom to the boardroom.
Specialised City-based workshops
In 2016, with support from Rabobank, we delivered 13 specialised workshops
taking an in-depth look at communications, IT, law and engineering.
The strength of these sessions lies in the fact that we design each workshop in
collaboration with businesses, using volunteers who are experts in their field to
create case studies that truly showcase the individual sectors.
Everyone was so
friendly, the sessions
enabled me to improve my
decision making skills and
get a take on real life work”
Talking to the
internal workers/ finding
out about the many
opportunities was very
useful and has given me a
lot to think about”
Communications is
the fastest growing area
for our firm and
something that students
need to be aware of if they
are to succeed in the City”
Volunteer, Allen & Overy

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