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Setting the scene
Why we exist
• The world of work is changing rapidly and young
people need all the help they can get to ensure they
reach their full potential.
• Though London is currently leading the way in
terms of education standards, it is also ranked
highest in terms of youth unemployment.
We are helping to bridge the gap, working towards
a world where a young person’s ability and
aspiration alone determine their career path.
of employees in
the financial
services sector are
educated at
private schools
of students starting
primary school now
will be in roles in
the future that do
not currently exist
of business
leaders believe that
secondary schools
are not effective at
preparing young
people for work
(2015, British Chamber
of Commerce survey)
(2016, World
Economic Forum)
• Young people from London have some of the
best and most exciting careers available on their
doorstep, but relatively few of them have the
information, guidance and support to help them
access these roles.
(2015, Social Mobility and
Child Poverty Commission)
• Despite being one of the world’s largest financial
centres, London’s financial districts are surrounded
by areas of severe deprivation, disadvantage and
income inequality.

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