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Our Education Team run a wide range of workshops for students from Year 6
through to Year 13 to raise the aspirations of students, equip them with an
understanding of the careers available to them and develop the skills and qualities
they will need to achieve their goals.
Through our education programmes, students are able to:
• Experience the world of work through visiting companies in London’s financial
• Develop their confidence in key work-related skills through engaging with
business volunteers
• Develop their knowledge of the jobs that can be found across professional and
financial services
Many of the students from
Heathcote School and Science
College, in Waltham Forest, grow
up in families where university
and high-end jobs in the City of
London are out of reach. Through
Brokerage opportunities,
Heathcote students have started
to believe that they, too, are just
as capable and able to work in the
professional sectors of London.
The extraordinary work that
The Brokerage Citylink does is so
vital for the futures of our
students as they tirelessly seek to
give our students opportunities to
work within the City of London.”
Stephen McClurg, Lead
Practitioner for Enterprise,
Heathcote School and Science

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