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(A company limited by guarantee)
(A company limited by guarantee)
TRUSTEES’ REPORT (continued)
TRUSTEES’ REPORT (continued)
Remuneration Policy
The objective of our pay policy is to offer fair pay to attract and keep appropriately qualified staff to
lead, manage, support and deliver the charity’s aims.
The key controls used by the Charity include:
In deciding top levels of pay and rewards, the trustees considered:
1) The purposes, aims and values of the charity, and its beneficiaries’ needs
2)How pay is linked to the skills, experiences and competencies that the charity needs from its senior
staff and the scope of their roles
3)The charity’s current business plan and how implementing it may affect the number of senior staff
the charity needs to employ or recruit, and the nature of these roles.
4)Information on pay policies and practices in other organisations that could help guide a decision on
whether a level of pay is fair and whether it is likely to result in the retention of key staff
5)The likely impact on, and views of, beneficiaries, donors, funders, and current and potential
6)The relationship between policy and practice for pay of senior staff and that of the charity’s whole
Risk Management
The Charity’s Trustees are responsible for the management of the risks faced by the Charity.The Trustees
identifify three key areas as generating the main risks; Child safeguarding, Fire risk and Fundraising
success. The risks are mitigated by the following actions:
Child Safeguarding – All staff receive safeguarding training level 1 within 3 months of joining. 2 members
of staff hold level 2 and one holds level 3.There is a safeguarding panel chaired by one of our Trustees
who review procedures eg all non uniformed staff and visitors must wear badges on site. All activities
are risk assessed and these are shared with visiting schools , we also exchange hazard assessments eg a
school will tell us if there are special risk factors associated with an individual child. Every other year we
invite WBC council to audit our safeguarding and received the following comment:

Formal agendas and minutes for all Trustee and management meetings
Annual appraisal and monitoring of the management team
Comprehensive strategic planning, budgeting and management accounting
Established organisational structure and lines of reporting
Clear authorisation and approval levels
Vetting procedure as required by law for protection of the vulnerable
Appropriate use of professional advice and relevant studies from independent consultants
Public Benefit
Ufton Educational Trust enriches the education of young people through holistic and experiential
learning activities based at Ufton Court Historical and Adventure Centre.
Programmes are run that enable young people to safely develop the skills, attitude and knowledge to
succeed in life. Active learning experiences aim to diminish differences and enhance opportunities,
particularly for those from the most challenging of social and economic circumstances.
In the last year 13,200 young people, many from the local area, directly benefitted and had experiences
at Ufton Court that they will never forget. Every child visits at a subsidised rate and no child, to our
knowledge, was excluded due to financial difficulties. Every effort is made to support schools where
families may be experiencing financial difficulty, bursaries are provided for those children who would
otherwise have been unable to come. Over 1,500 children and young people from disadvantaged
communities were able to repeatedly experience the outdoors at Ufton Adventure.
The Trustees confirm that they have complied with the duty outlined in section 17(5) of the Charities Act
2011 to have due regard to the guidance issued by The Charity Commission on public benefit.
Financial Review and Results for the Year
“Ufton is a safe place for children to visit and that safeguarding is a strength at Ufton”
Joan Ball West Berkshire Council Safeguarding Officer
The results for the year are set out in the consolidated statement of financial activities, which includes
the results of the subsidiary company, Ufton Court Ltd.
Fire safety – We have an EMS level 1 fire alarm system, this is connected by a red care system to the
control centre. We have extensive fire risk assessments and on ongoing checks of all sensors.Every
residential school without exception has a fire drill on the first day of their visit.
Summary Results
Fundraising success – A shortfall in fundraising achievement would be mitigated by use of reserves.
Financial planning, budget control and spending levels are carried out and reviewed by the management
team and a Trustee who is an accountant and supported by independent accountants and are fully
reviewed at each Trustee meeting. Health and Safety performance and issues arising are discussed at
each Trustee meeting.
The Ufton Court Educational Trust and its subsidiary generated net income of £338,793 for the year
ended 31 August 2019 (2018: £164,424).
With an emphasis on excellence in delivery of enriching education, combined with on-going very tight
control on our expenses we saw more than 12,000 children pass through our doors. Our charitable work
is directly supported by weddings, with 98 being hosted at our beautiful venue during the year.
The total income was £1,885,473 (2018:£1,698,483). Schools generated an income of £721,865
(2018: £665,928). Income from weddings and functions was £485,368 (2018: £480,336). Donations were
£676,890 (2018: £551,622).


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