Ufton Court Annual Report SPREADS - Page 9

We work in close partnership with schools and
share the single objective of successfully reintegrating young people back into the classroom.
Our programmes are designed to show young
people that they have alternatives and that they
can succeed in school.
“All students engaged within the Ufton REAP programme were at high risk of
permanent exclusion in September 2017. A year after they started the Ufton
REAP programme, none of the students have been permanently excluded
from the Academy’’ – ACADEMY SCHOOL TEACHER 2018
“Daniel had under-developed social interaction skills which meant he struggled to form friendships
and often misread social situations. These challenges meant that he could get isolated from his peers
and would often try and seek friendship groups with students who were younger than him. Daniel
experiences anxiety and is noise sensitive and struggles to link consequences with his behaviours. He
was identified as being in need of additional support as he would often truant classes or refuse to
follow classroom rules.
The Ufton programme had a huge impact on developing Daniel’s personal and social development
skills through problem solving & team work activities. We noticed particular improvement in his
communication skills, which allowed him to build more positive relationships with both staff and
peers. Daniel has also developed a better awareness of boundaries and personal safety. The impact
of this was a significant reduction in the number of incidents involving Daniel’s unsafe behaviour in
school. The programme also helped to build Daniel’s resilience within school and in particular his
attitude to learning and attendance. By the end of the year he had improved from a level 4 to a level
2. Daniel has now returned to full time mainstream education. His attendance at school has reached
97% and the necessity for negative sanctions has significantly reduced”
Both research and anecdotal reports show us
that young people are experiencing high levels of
mental health problems alongside physical health
issues, such as obesity. At Ufton, we talk a lot
about mobile phones and managing Social Media,
we discuss anxiety and what it is.
At Ufton, we show children how to improve their
mental health, showing them how to maintain
better relationships and have the confidence to
speak about their concerns to others. Children
often come home to a chaotic rather than a calm
home. Many children are handling adult problems
and we help them to develop the skills they need
to cope with the challenges they are facing.
Growing up as a millennial child is already a challenging prospect, with the pressures of social media,
friends and school. Having to balance all of this with supporting her struggling mother made life very
challenging for Rachel. Rachel’s mother has a history of battling alcoholism and has placed untold
stresses and responsibility onto her daughter’s shoulders.
Rachel had to get herself ready for school and at the age of 8, was consistently on time and well
presented. We knew that Rachel felt school was safe and the adult’s behaviour was predictable,
she wanted to be here. Although happy to be in school, she often pushed boundaries with staff and
caused friction with peers. Where school was a great learning environment for many, Rachel sought
it as a platform to gain the attention she lacked at home.
In 2016, Rachel was selected for the Ufton programme. During the last year, we have seen Rachel
flourish in confidence, perseverance and attitude, becoming an integral character in the classroom,
and school.
With the opportunities at Ufton, combined with the support of School, Rachel has found the
necessary motivation to appropriately apply herself in class and we have seen her academic
confidence grow to the point where she has exceeded our expectations.
Rachel still experiences times of great difficulty, her lowest moment was where she was removed
from home and taken into care because of child protection issues. Despite this, she has continued
to build personal skills and develop the resilience she needs to cope with her personal situation. She
leaves us for secondary school this summer and we feel that the support she has received at school
and at Ufton has given her new reserves of confidence and resilience to draw on as she embarks on
the next chapter of her life.


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