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Company Cars &
Be aware of business scammers
If your staff have company cars
scammers and fraudsters coming up with new ways to take advantage of the current
consider whether you need to issue
climate. With so much information to send out and take in, scammers are hoping
guidance around their use at this time.
If, you are an SME with a vehicle you
use for pleasure and work, there are
some things should consider.
MOT exemption
As if we are not going through enough right now, there have been reports of
businesses will be too distracted they won’t apply the usual rigorous standards.
So, what should you be watching out for?
Bank Scams
As you can imagine there are a lot of worried business owners currently trying to get
hold of their bank at the moment. This makes it the ideal environment for scammers
to get in touch with you claiming to be your bank and responding to your call or
If a company car (or indeed any
email. Rather than let your guard down because you are so relieved you have finally
vehicle) runs out of MoT the
got hold of somebody after days of calling – STOP. Consider what information they
government has provided a six-month
are asking of you and what you want to ask of them. As usual, never give your full
exemption to the test from 30 March
PIN or password and don’t move money from one account to another at the request
effective for 12 months. This will
of somebody else. These people sound very plausible and so when dealing with your
help key and other workers keep
mobile but also takes into account the
fact that many garages may not be
operational for a while.
bank be extra cautious.
Government department fake emails
There is nothing new in fake emails from government departments, especially from
HMRC and fraudsters are aware of the thousands of companies that are desperately
trying to get through to the numerous websites and helplines that have been set
Fuel prices
up to help. Cyber security company Mimecast provide regular updates on the latest
scams to look out for. One email allegedly from HMRC promises a tax refund and
Unless employees are key workers,
asks for your name, mother’s maiden name and bank card number – plenty of
vehicle use should be kept to a
information to access an account.
minimum and so theoretically, they
won’t be spending as much on fuel.
On the other hand, fuel prices are
dropping in what is the largest ever
price cut in history. This is due to the
fall in demand and the drop off in the
global crude oil price. As of 23 March,
Cyber security
With so many people working from home for the first time, your business cyber
security may be relying on home IT infrastructure which will not be as robust as
your business. Ask you employees to change their home WiFi to a strong password
and alert them to avoid clicking through any attachments that have not come from
a trusted source. Fake websites and news outlets have been deliberately created
to feed on anxiety and encourage click through which then loads viruses onto
the average fill up dropped by as much
computers. Encourage home workers to install the latest software and app updates
as £10 – a small silver lining for some.
and if necessary, offer to pay for them to do so.
Further price drops are expected


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