COVID 19 Business Help Guide - Page 11

Concerned about paying
your energy bills?
Utility Bidder can help
We have been looking at how energy
emphasis on customer service and if
suppliers are helping customers and
we can help in any way, rest assured
the main message is that if you are
we will. If you are having trouble
going to struggle to pay your gas,
getting answers from your supplier by
electricity or water utility bills, contact
all means get in touch with your Utility
your supplier as soon as possible.
Bidder Account Manager.
Ofgem say: ‘Any energy customer in
This is only relevant to current Utility
financial distress will be supported
Bidder customers who have:
by their supplier,’ and we assume
that means commercial as well
Utility Bidder places a strong
- switched their energy provider.
- provided a letter of authority to act
as domestic customers. This help
on their behalf.
is likely to take the form of debt
Fighting your corner
repayment plans it is also likely that
cases will be reviewed and assessed
on a case by case basis.
However, it is important that you don’t
ignore any bills or unpaid debts, being
up front and talking to your supplier
is the best way to resolve the situation
for both parties.
Our CEO Chris Shaw has been liaising
with other energy brokers to develop
a coordinated approach across our
sector in order to lobby energy
companies on your behalf. We will
then communicate our concerns to
government in order to ensure that
SMEs are looked after properly by
suppliers. We will keep you updated
As far as water is concerned, the
water companies are taking a similar
approach and advising customers
they can offer support by assessing
individual cases but customers must
get in touch, to highlight any financial
difficulties they may be having.
on our progress.
Switch your energy now
Yes, really. This may not be front of
mind right now, but power and gas
prices are at an historic low due to the
lack of demand in energy. This means
that switching your gas and electricity
provider now, will lock you into these
However, getting hold of a supplier in
highly competitive prices for some
the current crisis is proving difficult
time. Savvy switchers will really notice
for many of our clients.
the difference in price once their
Naturally energy companies are
business gets back to full capacity and
concentrating their efforts on
switching your energy provider will
ensuring the more vulnerable in our
help to future proof your business.
society are being looked after. We can
Our team is ready and waiting to
only advise that you keep trying and,
discuss how we can help you get your
where feasible, use online tools such
business in the best shape possible
as email or webchat.
for life after the Coronavirus.


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