COVID 19 Business Help Guide - Page 13

Don’t waste this opportunity – there are many things you can do.
In any economic downturn, it’s only natural to look at where you can cut costs and marketing may seem one of the obvious
activities to cut. However, history shows that actually, this is one of the areas where you need to maintain and even increase
investment. Looking after your image during the bad times, means you will be in a better position to maintain and even, expand
market share in the longer term – particularly if your competitors are not.
For the first time in an economic crisis of this scale, business has social media at its disposal. In addition, because people are
largely indoors they will be spending more time online – even if they are not buying, they will be browsing, reading, researching
and generally gathering information.
Social media
Review your website and look at is
Update your social media on a
through the eyes of your customer –
daily basis. You may not be able
what does it say about your brand?
Is it easy to navigate?
Is your product or service clear?
Check out competitors’ websites –
what are they doing better than you?
sell anything but you can talk to
customers, develop your brand
personality and create a dialogue that
could be exploited in the future.
We are in this together
Can you get ideas that may
It’s true, regardless of your business
improve yours?
or sector, we are in this together.
Content is king when it comes to
customers finding your business.
This means you need to continually
Can you help others who may be
struggling – you could offer advice or
upload new content on to your website
Can you support the NHS or help other
through news, blogs and information.
businesses? How about developing a
Now you have an opportunity to create
Facebook group for your customers,
lots of exciting new content that bored
your high street or your suppliers.
browsers can find.
Maintain your brand reputation now –
Don’t’ waste it.
it will reap rewards in the future.


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