COVID 19 Business Help Guide - Page 15

Furloughed workers
If you have asked employees to stop
working, but they are being kept
on the pay roll, they are known as
‘furloughed workers’. In order to stop
NOTE: You must still adhere to your
own internal procedures agreed for
redundancy and you must still apply
employment law. This crisis does
not allow for employers to simply
Statutory sick pay
It is almost inevitable that companies
will have to deal with staff who are off
sick and it is important you make them
dispense with the usual criteria for
aware of their entitlement and how to
employees being made redundant,
making people redundant.
report illness.
HMRC will reimburse these workers
Remember, that each employee who
80% of their wage, up to £2,500 per
is dismissed can claim up to 13 weeks’
Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) is now
month. The Coronavirus Job Retention
wages and currently there is no
available to employees who are
Scheme, allows all UK employers with
government clarity on this.
self-isolating from their first day of
a PAYE scheme to access this support.
isolation. This applies to people who
Wages will be backdated to
have symptoms of COVID-19
1 March and for the moment
but also to those who are
is set to be in place for three
caring for people in the same
months – although this could
household. Employees are
be extended.
As an employer, you must
designate employees as
furloughed workers and
HMRC Furlough
employees must agree to being
ACAS Guide to
an unpaid leave of absence or
Legislation will allow SMEs
to reclaim SSP cover of up to 2
weeks per eligible employee.
This means businesses must
maintain detailed records of
staff absences and payments
of SSP. A rebate scheme is
‘furloughed’, if they don’t the
alternative is for them to take
usual sickness procedure.
with fewer than 250 employees
Please note that employment
law must still be met and
first 7 days off work – although
they must follow the company’s
inform them in writing.
See example below.
entitled to self-certify for the
currently being developed.
be made redundant. It is likely
Those self-isolating due to
therefore, that most will agree
coronavirus for more than 7
to being furloughed.
days can get an online self-isolation
note from:
As a furloughed employee,
• NHS website
they must not do any work at all,
otherwise they lose eligibility to the
• NHS mobile phone app
You may have to update or change
your usual reporting processes
The governments various measures
around reporting absence and proof
discuss in this guide are intended to
of absence. The government advice
avoid redundancy where possible,
is to show discretion when asking for
however, we know that with the best
written medical evidence, however,
will in the world, some businesses will
please ensure that any changes you
have no option but to make some, or
do make or applied universally across
even all staff redundant.
your workforce.


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