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Social isolation
People will be working from home
under many different circumstances.
Social isolation for remote workers
is a recognized barrier to working
from home – and now that is further
exacerbated because we can’t
socialise at all outside of the home.
Employers are still responsible for
Saving energy while
If suddenly you find yourself with
a house full 24 x 7, you may find
yourself faced with higher energy
bills. We’ve compiled some tips to
keep your energy bills under control.
Increased energy costs
Being at home all day and night is
going to come with increased energy
costs – thankfully, the changing
season may mean heating bills don’t
rise too much, but there is no doubt
that electricity usage will increase for
those working at home.
assessment of the work activities and
The clocks have gone forward which
means it’s officially spring- more
daylight hours mean less lighting.
If you are working from home try to
work near a window so you can make
the most of FREE natural light.
take appropriate measures to
If you can work from a laptop rather
a similar impact, with users expected
the well-being of employees even
when they are working elsewhere.
Ideally, the employer or even the
employee should carry out a risk
Analysis from Utility Bidder shows
that workers using a desktop
computer could see bills increase by
at least £2.80 per month. Laptops have
reduce any associated physical
to see their bills rise by a
risks, but ideally employers
minimum of £1.40 a month.
should also check in with staff
to chat about their mental
These are anxious times and
it is likely that people are
through these worries could
help. Working effectively
Form P87
employee that workers will
carry out their duties to the
issued phones. Charging this
electricity bill.
Employers may already offer
List of web
conferencing tools
There needs to be a level of
trust between employer and
may need to use employer
phone will also add to an
likely to feel occasionally
overwhelmed– just talking
On top of this, some workers
Managing homeworking
some form of recompense to
remote based workers which
could be informal or formal,
however, there is a government
payment available via form
P87and assuming employers
are happy to pay this, remote
usual professional standards
as they would in the formal
workers could be able to
work environment. It may be
Telephone: 0300 200 3310
claim back up to £18 a month
helpful if both parties know
in expenses. They have to be
what is expected to have been
achieved, say at the end of a
Telephone: 0300 123 1100
day or the end of the week
good idea.
and pay taxes, do not complete
self-assessment forms and are
and agreeing formal key
performance indicators is a
remote working involuntarily
than a desktop you will be using 80
percent less electricity. When you
not claiming back over £2,500
for a single tax year.
The good news is that workers will
Take advantage of tools such as
have finished work the for day unplug
Outlook calendar to add specific tasks
your device. Try to ensure that the
generally not be required to provide
or you could schedule in regular
whole households have food and drink
evidence of their gas and electricity
virtual meetings or briefings at the
at the same time so that the kettle,
usage, unless they are claiming
beginning or end of the working day
microwave, hob or oven is not in use
more than £18 per month and this
so that everyone is aware of
throughout the day.
workloads and goals. In addition, even
can be done digitally by submitting
a P87 form which is found on the
if your business does not have the
latest tech, there are numerous FREE
There is now a different routine at
web conferencing tools available to
home and so you probably need to
People who use this service will
allow face to face ‘virtual meetings’
adjust your heating settings.
get a reference number from the
and most of these are easy and
Turn the thermostat down by one
government which can be used to
intuitive to use.
degree – see if anybody notices.
track the progress of the form.
governments website.


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