COVID 19 Business Help Guide - Page 21

Main suppliers
British Gas
If you cannot afford to pay what you
owe or if you are struggling with a
bill that you have received, they may
be able to offer you longer payment
If you are worried about paying your
bills during these uncertain times,
please do not cancel your Direct Debit.
Email us with your account details and
we will contact you to discuss your
options. If you do not currently
We will work with you to find the best
We understand that this is a stressful
solution, such as setting up a Direct
time for business owners and bill
Debit, considering other energy
payers who are dealing with a
tariffs, or setting up an affordable
multitude of issues right now. We are
payment plan on our Recovery for
committed to helping customers that
business product.
are most affected. Please complete
Call on 0333 200 5103
the form on our Financial Difficulty
page so our Credit Control team can
review your situation and consider
We understand paying bills may be a
your request. A member of the team
concern for some of our customers.
will contact you as soon as possible.
If this affects you, please get in touch
As you would expect, we are extremely
and we will be happy to discuss the
busy at this time so we kindly ask you
options available.
to wait for our response.
Contact on 0800 130 3600
pay via Direct Debit and you
are concerned about paying
your bills, get in touch and we
can discuss your options.
a worrying time, but there
are many ways we can help,
including discussing payment
Or or call
on 01423 502554
We understand that this is
Haven Power
arrangements based on your
individual circumstances.
If you think your business
Corona Energy
We are all facing
unprecedented and
hours will need to change
during this time, please let us
know so we can keep on track
challenging times for our
of expected energy use and
businesses, our teams and
support you with your future
our families and we want to
reassure you that we are here
Scottish Power
to support you through these
challenges. If you would like to
speak to someone about your
concerns contact us. Contact
our team on 0800 804 8589.
Crown Energy
energy needs.
Small business customers
email us at debtexperts@
Dual Energy
Hudson Energy
01903 158 8262
0330 088 2679
0800 056 8101
0345 070 7373
Larger business customers
email us at largeenergya@
Haven Power
No specific information
If you are having trouble paying
available 0330 158 8262.
your bill or have any questions,
please do not hesitate to
Dual Energy
We have temporarily removed late
contact us. Email on
If you are worried that you may
payment charges so you pay what
encounter financial difficulty and
you can – even if it is not the full
therefore have a problem paying your
outstanding balance then we will bring
bills, please contact us immediately.
the balance over to your next bill. You
We will do everything we can to help
can pay online, on the phone or via
and should be able to offer you a
bank transfer. For any of our business
reduced payment plan.
customers who are seriously affected
Please do not cancel your direct debit,
by the crisis, we may be able to offer
as you will incur additional charges
additional help, such as a payment
meaning your costs will increase.
holiday for arrears or a payment plan.
This will be reviewed on a case-by-, or by calling
case basis. If you are having difficulty
01903 703 400.
paying your bill, please let us know.


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