Velocity International Productions Brochure - Page 6

PA & Audio
Quality is Key
Our PA and Audio equipment is custom
built with specifications you wouldn’t
find from any other supplier within the
pricing brackets we supply. This allows
for the sound quality to be the top of its
game and makes listening to the music
or speaker more enjoyable for the
audience. Our various PA Systems can
cover large areas and still sound great
due to the amount of power it has and
the potential that comes with it. So if
you are trying to make music sound
similar outside to that of a theatre show,
we have you covered!
The sound quality is made even
better with the large amounts of extra
equipment that we own on top of our
PA Systems. For example we have a
large number of Sennheiser G3, DPA,
Neumann and Shure Microphones for
crystal clear sound reproduction of any
audio source. Our main mixing console
is one of the best on the market coming
from Soundcraft, we use their Vi4 with
the latest Vi400 Upgrade meaning it is
one of the most advanced available to
date. This in turn allows our engineer to
make sure the sound you hear is always
at its very best at every part of your
Our Vi400 Hard at Work

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