2019 United Way Annual Report - Page 3

Dear friends,
The theme of this year’s Annual Report is “Why We Fight.” Fight
is a word that often makes us uncomfortable. It conjures images
of violence and anger, of winners and losers.
But this is not that kind of fight. Our fight is about compassion,
urgency and resilience. It’s about standing up for what’s right.
Being brave and bold. Using our voice and saying … we reject
the idea that the cycle of poverty cannot be broken, we reject the
assumption that only some can benefit from growth, we reject
that there are divides in our community that cannot be mended.
And it’s also about hope.
But what we really want you to understand is the why. Why do
we fight? We fight for those among us who may be struggling or
forgotten. Those who have been left behind.
We are fighting for a community in which every person—no
matter their background, their circumstances or their zip code—
has an equal chance at a bright future.
It won’t be easy. And it won’t happen overnight. But it’s a battle
we are ready and willing to fight.
We can create bold and measurable change when we all work
together. When our neighbors’ fights become our fights. Their
victories, our victories.
Because if united we fight, united we win.
Thank you to each and every one of you for joining us. We are
tremendously grateful for you. Together, we are changing lives
and creating lasting, meaningful change in our community.
And isn’t that worth a fight?
Jim Schmitz
2018 Board Chair
Brian Hassett
President & CEO

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