2019 United Way Annual Report - Page 49

Most don’t get the reward of seeing their house
push me along the way. There was an end goal
go from a distant dream to actually hammering
that I was trying to meet. Before, I didn’t really
in its first nail.
have goals. But when I joined that program, my
goals became something that I needed to do to
“But I remember every little step. Every piece of
secure my future.”
the house, it’s a memory to me now. To see it up
and to be living in it, it feels amazing.”
And that future—that legacy she’s securing—is
her children. They are at the center of everything
Shawnta knows how far she’s come. Being a
she’s working toward, she says.
homeowner has pushed her to take on more
responsibility. She says before becoming a
“I want them to know that it starts with them.
homeowner, she’d often start projects or set
I want them to remain consistent and let them
goals and not finish them.
know that when they set a goal, the baby steps
that they’re taking will eventually help them
“I wasn’t going all the way with everything. With
accomplish their goal. Everything that they’re
the program, somebody was always there to
doing now affects their future.”
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