2019 United Way Annual Report - Page 71

Darren and Terri Gottschalk
Enterprise Holdings, 13 Years
Karl Olsen
Tractor Supply Company, 2 Years
Patricia and Rodes Hart
38 Years
John Ordus
Tractor Supply Company, 4 Years
Kim and Randy Hatley
HCA Healthcare, 5 Years
Benjamin F. Parrish
Tractor Supply Company, 9 Years
Keith and Lisa Alexander
Enterprise Holdings, 3 Years
Greg and Katrina Herman
LBMC Investment Advisors, 5 Years
David and Leigh Pickett
PwC, LLP, 9 Years
Glenn and Tricia Allison
Tractor Supply Company, 4 Years
Bob and Kim Hesselgesser
PwC, LLP, 2 Years
Robert and Laura Pittman
PwC, LLP, 4 Years
Jane and Currie Andrews
Andrews Transportation Group, 16 Years
John R. Ingram Advised Fund
23 Years
Jim and Sharon Powlus
HCA Healthcare, 1 Year
Trish and Nelson Andrews
Andrews Transportation Group, 16 Years
Orrin H. Ingram Advised Fund
24 Years
Lucy Quillin
Wells Fargo, 1 Year
Steve Barbarick
Tractor Supply Company, 4 Years
Robin and Bill King
StrategyCorps, 32 Years
Elizabeth and Jonathan H. Ray
HCA Healthcare, 4 Years
Kurt Barton
Tractor Supply Company, 4 Years
Roger and Kelly King
PwC, LLP, 11 Years
Greg and Anita Sandfort
Tractor Supply Company, 11 Years
Jennifer Berres
HCA Healthcare, 1 Year
Susan and John Laverty
HCA Healthcare, 5 Years
Tim Scarvey
4 Years
Laurie and Michael Berryhill
HCA Healthcare - HealthTrust
Purchasing Group, 1 Year
Terry and Brian Lein
HCA Healthcare - TriStar Health, 1 Year
Wendy and Danny Schunk
HCA Healthcare, 2 Years
Mike and Karin Long
Enterprise Holdings, 9 Years
Dion Sheidy
KPMG, 11 Years
Bill and Kelli Luallen
PwC, LLP, 2 Years
Ben and Christy Stanga
PwC, LLP, 8 Years
Jennifer and John Mize
State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Co.,
3 Years
Blake and Leigh Stinnette
PwC, LLP, 4 Years
Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Turner
18 Years
Rick and Pam Bryant
United Way of Williamson County,
4 Years
May and John Bumpus
LifePoint Health, 5 Years
Chigger Bynum
HCA Healthcare, 2 Years
Jeff and Gina Drummonds
LBMC, PC, 2 Years
Brian and Michelle Evans
Tractor Supply Company, 8 Years
Bob and Jen Fick
Enterprise Holdings, 5 Years
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan B. Flack
PwC, LLP, 10 Years
Chad and Deb Frazell
Tractor Supply Company, 4 Years
Connie and Chuck Glover
HCA Healthcare, 5 Years
Jeanne and Joe Moore
Martin Ventures, 27 Years
Steve and Laura Morris
UPS Retiree, 17 Years
Steve and Laura Morrissey
Enterprise Holdings, 8 Years
Doug and Tamela Swanson
HCA Healthcare, 2 Years
Dr. and Mrs. Ross Taubman
PICA, 6 Years
Linda and Chris Taylor
5 Years
Kristi Morrow
8 Years
Shelley Brazeau Temple
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.,
3 Years
Sara and Brad Nolan
HCA Healthcare, 3 Years
Connie Thurman and James Martin
26 Years
Lindsay and Christopher Northam
HCA Healthcare, 2 Years
Nick and Sheila Walker
PwC, LLP, 2 Years
PAG E 69

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