2019 United Way Annual Report - Page 97

Neal White
Amelia Workman
Terry White
Lisa Worrell
Mr. Joshua Whitehead
James Worsham
James Whitfield
Elisa Worth
Nancy Whittemore
Dan Wright
Martin Widick
Hailey Wright
Greg Wiel
Mark and Sheri Wright
Valli Wiggins
Tammy Wright
Kim Wilburn
Brenda Wynn
Crystal Wilcox
James Yang
Kathryn Wilkerson
Nathan Yates
Jeffry L. Wilkins
Tre Yelling
Marquis Wilkins
Stacy Yoeckel
Hal Williams
Barry York
Laurie Williams
Gerald York
Linda Boone Williams
Brandon Young
Mark and Stefanie Williams
Mike Youngblood
Samantha Williams
Melodie Zack
Theresa Williams
Glenda N. Zeigler
Tonya Williams
Steve Zewicky
Torrey Williams
Louis Zinser
Susan S. Willoughby
Carey Wilson
Chris and Jennifer Wilson
David Wilson
Jolie Wilson
Mr. Stephen Wilson
660 members wish to remain anonymous.
All information as of 3/31/19. We regret
any omissions or errors in this publication.
Please contact us for any corrections.
Krystle Windsor
John and Sherry Wine
Jordan Winn
Liam Wiseman
Brett A. Withers
Julius Witherspoon
Greg Wolfe
Angie Womack
Laura Womack
Kenneth Wood
Amanda Woodard
Jhonthan Woodard
Jason Woodcock
Franklin Woodlee
Karen Woods
L. Woods
Angela Wooten
Shera L. Word
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