United Way Leaders United Quarterly - Spring - Page 3

By focusing on career pathways,
financial assistance and savings
management, United Way and
our partner agencies are
uniquely positioned to lead
the fight against poverty.
Putting People on the Path
to Better Jobs
Our neighbors cannot achieve financial stability
without first establishing a career with a livable
wage. A livable wage is the minimum income
needed for an individual or family to maintain
their basic household expenses like rent,
utilities, food, transportation and child care.
For one adult and three children living in metro
Nashville, the minimum family-sustaining wage is
currently calculated to be a minimum of $32.80
per hour. The current minimum wage in Nashville
is only $7.25 per hour.
But this is not just about the minimum wage. In
order to really move people out of poverty and
into a livable wage, they need higher paying jobs
with opportunities for growth. To land these jobs,
they need the right post-secondary education,
training or certifications. That’s the key to
increasing wages and stabilizing housing in
our community.
Only 24 percent of Nashville’s high-school
graduates have earned a degree in six years
following high school graduation, which makes
attaining well-paid jobs a challenge.
Our partner agencies are working locally to help
individuals receive the education and training
they need to get better, higher paying jobs that
will move them out of poverty for good.
Un it e d Wa y o f M e t ro p o li t a n N a shv i l l e

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