Case Study: Developing a High-Performance Culture - Page 7

The Unlocking Potential Leadership Lab is a
comprehensive, holistic developmental experience that
produces outcomes that build on one another, ultimately
enabling the organization to accelerate impact and more
effectively achieve their mission. The Leadership Lab
generates insights as people with different backgrounds,
roles, and perspectives come together to understand their
shared context and common experiences. This, along with
active practice collaborating with new people, allows the
participants to break down silos across the organization.
The insights and collaborative problem-solving then set the
stage for the teams to come together and solve problems
they have identified – and, ultimately, these solutions help
the organization to accelerate impact.
Measuring outcomes across these layers is a complex
endeavor – and we are grateful for the thought partnership
that Catholic University provided in developing a
systematic approach to measuring impact. Their
measurement system included assessments of individual
knowledge retention of content, individual leadership
development, cultural transformation, and impact on the
business. The results of these assessments are woven into
this report.


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